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Tips for tying a durag, the trendy fashion accessory for women

As surprising as it may seem to some, the Durag has entered the Hall of Fame ! This headband worn on the hair to protect your hairstyle with finesse or to make waves, made the cover of a magazine and not the least. Since May on newsstands, Rihanna sports with simplicity and elegance a black durag. On the cover of Vogue magazine, Rihanna poses with the accessory:the durag. If it was widely democratized in the rap world by 50 cent , Snoop Dogg , A$apFreg , Eminem , Jay-Z , Ski Mask , Ja Rule or Nelly , this accessory has since made its way and has entered the very select world of haute couture, even parading on the catwalks! Close-up on the tips for wearing this little hair gem.


Keys to wearing a durag

Even if the durag is the expression of the art and creativity of the black and North African communities, you can wear it too. Symbol of divinity and diaspora, marker of identity and existence, homage to a black tradition… it is better not to commit fashion faux pas. Silky and shiny models, in velvet for special occasions or in polyester for every day, fluorescent, with lace, with a pattern… it doesn't matter as long as you have chosen your handmade durag carefully. Whether you are a man, a woman or a child, all you have to do is attach it correctly. Enter the pantheon of fashion tips without further delay.


How to tie a durag?

Don't worry, tying a durag is simple and easy.

To start, all you have to do is place the center seam at the middle of your head, then position the durag so that the edge sits between your eyebrows and your hairline, in the middle of your forehead. Of course, make sure your hair is fully covered.

Then wrap the strings of your durag behind your head. To do this, take one string in each of your hands, pull so that they cross to form an X. Pull each string backwards above the ears before crossing them on the front part of your head (in the middle of your forehead). Then bring them to the back of your head to tie a knot.

Finally, lower the cape. You can roll up the flap from top to bottom and wedge it between the strings to hold it. As long as the flap length is sufficient, you can tie it by forming a knot and wedging it between the strings which will create a small loop.

Of course, if you want to achieve a unique look, you can put it on according to your moment or even leave the cape outside.

How to wear the durag at night?

To sleep, remember to put on a durag.

Essential ally to keep your waves in place, the durag allows you to protect your hair against friction. It is also THE ACCESSORY that allows you not to find in the early morning on your pillowcase the moisturizers or oils that you put on your hair before going to bed! Thus, your hair will be protected with beauty treatments even if you spend a restless night.

Once placed on your head, let yourself be immersed in this kind of gangsta power which invades you before joining the arms of Morpheus. But now, it is better not to make a mistake with this classic Afro hairstyle. To avoid having an unsightly mark when jumping out of bed in the middle of the skull, put your durag upside down. The middle seam should therefore be facing the ceiling and not against your hair. Also remember not to tie the strings, it could leave marks on your forehead or give you a bad headache.

To ensure a perfect fit, put the durag on so that the seam coincides with the middle of your face. Take one end in each of your hands and cross them at the back of your head. Then, wrap them around your head so that they go over your forehead. So that everything stays in place, block everything with a headband (you must surely have one or your partner if you are a man as the headband is also an it-accessory). You can attach the strings to the back of the headband or leave it hanging. Finish by folding the flap inside the headband.