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6 fashion tips for choosing a trendy shirt dress

Are you looking for a chic and comfortable piece to wear both in winter and summer? The shirt dress is the piece you need in your dressing room.

As the name suggests, the shirt dress is both a dress and a shirt. This double utility is very interesting to compose all kinds of looks. You can wear the shirt dress alone or with a piece at the bottom like tights, leggings or even pants. It's how you accessorize it and how you wear it that will make the difference.

But then how to wear a shirt dress ? Which rooms should it be paired with? Here are our 6 fashion tips for adopting the shirt dress this year!

Go for an oversized cut!

This year, the trendy cut is XXL! Whether it's for coats, sweaters, blouses or even dresses, you'll have everything you need if you choose an oversize shirt dress . The advantage of this cut is that it suits almost all silhouettes and in addition it is comfortable to wear.

You will find many versions of the XXL shirt dress in stores, but you can also choose another very simple option by going to rummage in Monsieur's closet. And yes, ladies, our men's wardrobes are full of treasures since oversized cuts are in fashion.

Belt it to feminize your look

Another strong trend of this season :the belt! Marking the waist is trendy and goes hand in hand with oversized cuts.

In addition, if you are not comfortable with the straight cut and you like more feminine cuts, then you can use a nice belt to make your outfit glamour. Be careful, however, not to make a mistake in choosing your accessory.

Which belt to wear with your shirt dress? This year, the trendy model is the black belt with a silver buckle on the front. Leather models are also very popular. On the other hand, forget the thin belts that were fashionable some time ago and prefer a wide belt.

Adopt the denim shirt dress for a trendy look

Just like the denim skirt, the denim dress is one of the timeless pieces that we find in our wardrobes year after year. Why does this piece cross the collections and keep coming back to our wardrobes?

As we have seen above, you can easily achieve a wide variety of styles with a denim dress. The secret to wearing a denim dress in style lies in how you accessorize it.

  • In winter, you can wear tights in neutral colors, choosing black or gray, which will go well with jeans. For a glamorous look, opt for high boots. They will give a very chic effect to your outfit. You can also dare the waders! If you want a more cool style, ankle boots will be perfect. Flat or heeled, depending on the occasion.
  • In summer, the denim shirt dress goes with everything! sneakers, flat sandals, flip flops etc.

The denim shirt dress is perfect when you're looking for a casual look. It is rather suitable for all silhouettes due to its straight cut. You also have the option of belting it to mark the waist and dress up your outfit, this will make it even more feminine.

Dare the long shirt dress

How to wear a long shirt dress?

  • If you are looking for a sexy look, you can try a long shirt dress. Our advice for wearing it well:unbutton the lower part to reveal a few shapes. On the shoe side, nothing is more chic than a long shirt dress with a pair of ankle boots or pumps. If you like the bohemian style, choose the floral one.
  • If you want a comfortable but sophisticated look, know that this type of cut goes very well with white sneakers. You will get a minimalist and chic style . Belt it to mark the waist and feminize your look. And if the sleeves of your dress are long, roll them up. In winter, you can pair it with your leather perfecto and wrap yourself warm in an XXL scarf.

Bet on the right accessories

You will understand, the shirt dress is a trendy piece but if you do not bet on the right accessories, you risk ending up with a misshapen cut and you will miss styling.

With your shirt dress, you should not neglect the choice of the following accessories:handbag, shoes, belt, sunglasses.

Ask yourself the right questions. Do you have a rather minimalist, classic, rock, bohemian style?

If you have chosen a plain shirt dress, then all you have to do is think about which shoes to choose with your shirt dress. A pair of Dr Martens with an oversized white shirt and a leather bag can give a grunge style while a long flowing shirt dress will be very chic worn with pumps.

Also think about pairing your shirt dress with wide belts.

And in winter, how to wear the shirt dress?

To wear a shirt dress in winter , you have several options:

  • You can wear black leggings under your shirt dress and black ankle boots
  • You can also choose to wear skinny jeans in a raw color. Jeans go particularly well with plaid or striped shirt dresses! Dare to wear an oversized shirt dress with your jeans and accessorize your outfit with heels for a feminine and chic look
  • A third option will be to wear it with tights and a long cardigan in the style of wearing a sweater dress

In summary:

  • This year, the shirt dress is oversized
  • Belt your shirt dress to mark your waist
  • The denim shirt dress is a timeless and trendy basic
  • Dare to try a long shirt dress to create a glamorous or bohemian chic style
  • The accessories you choose make all the difference! Be creative and select pretty pieces to pair with your dress
  • In winter, you can wear a shirt dress without problems by teaming it with leggings, jeans or tights and taking out your best ankle boots!