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The bachelorette party t-shirt with a message:the trend of the moment

Your best friend's bachelorette party is coming up and you've already got everything planned. But to mark this day, have you thought of the T-shirt EVJF ? Your team mascot?

Choosing the bachelorette party outfit is essential . It will not only highlight the cohesion of the group but also generate an essential harmony during your EVJF photo shoot. There are many possibilities such as dresses with flowers in different colors or the classic blue jeans + white t-shirt, but the trend today is for the bachelorette party t-shirt, even the bachelorette party sweatshirt.

Here are the different types of bachelorette party t-shirts to be stylish and fun at the same time, as well as our advice for choosing them well.

Embroidered bachelorette party t-shirt

This is by far the most elegant and trendy bachelorette party t-shirt . The choice of discretion and refinement. These t-shirts generally feature an embroidered inscription on the heart. But be careful, the choice of quality is crucial here to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Here are the pretty models of the reference brand JE T'ADORE. To be carried over to any other occasion!

Nobody said that for a hen party we had to be ridiculous, right? We love this kind of subtle pieces, finely embroidered with red thread. We love the "loose" fit in 100% cotton for a relaxed style while being at the forefront of fashion. Two versions are available including a “bride” version (with a pretty red heart) and “young lady” for the companions .

The bachelorette party t-shirt with a message

Also in tune with the times, the message T-shirt is extremely trendy but on condition of choosing it well. We see it everywhere at the moment on the catwalks, not surprising to find it for a special occasion like the bachelor party!

If you are marriage witnesses and want to really please the future bride, we invite you to choose a quality model. Put away the corny message T-shirts! We want subtle, elegant and trendy things!

In this visual @JE T’ADORE, the text is placed in the center and the typography is modern, simple, refined. “Queen for a day” for the future bride and “damsel forever” for the other participants.

In fact, we advise you to choose models with fine laser printing so that they never deteriorate even after many washes. Opt for subtle messages, the bride will thank you! For sure your team will be the most beautiful during the EVJF shoots .

The personalized bachelorette party t-shirt

For those with a creative streak, you will be able to create your own bachelorette party t-shirts for this wonderful weekend.

But be careful, although very fun and perfect as a souvenir, it cannot be worn for any other occasion (except a Sunday under the duvet with the flu) and that's a cost to be expected. If you choose this option, still give priority to quality. Your best friend is worth it so avoid cheap t-shirts that won't make you look good.

Tip:To help you find the most beautiful models in no time, we advise you to go to the Photographer EVJF website. They offer quality T-shirts with messages in French but also Evjf packs ready for great photo shoots and even offer accessories. We know how overbooked cookies are, so here's our little trick to make your life easier! 🙂

The bachelorette party sweatshirt

This is our favorite for the next season. Indeed, we always think of T-shirts but if we look at all the EVJF destinations and the periods in which they are made, we easily notice that the weather is not always there...

Imagine yourself in May on the beach during your EVJF shoot in Deauville, a light breeze makes the spray travel to you and the sun is in its descending phase... would trade in his t-shirt for a warm sweatshirt, wouldn't he?

But be careful, this one must remain feminine and festive like the EVJF! Personally, we love pale pink, it changes so much from the very garish bright pinks of the usual EVJF, doesn't it?

@ I LOVE you

You will have understood that the choice of your bachelorette party t-shirts is varied and, depending on the profile of the bride-to-be, you can define your style. Two important concepts that you will however have to keep in mind:quality and trend!

Beautiful bachelorette party girls!