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Slow cosmetics, big trend of the moment!

Slow cosmetics are the big thing

current trend!

It all starts with Julien Kaibeck, this aromatherapy and beauty products enthusiast disappointed by the professional beauty environment he worked in. Between the race for youth and ingredients that are bad for consumers and the environment, he wanted to refocus on healthier and ethical products.

After a dazzling success on the web, he

launched the Slow Cosmetics movement, which

is based on 3 actions:

- The Slow Cosmétique association is a non-profit association under Belgian law with an international vocation. It is the only representative of the Slow Cosmetics movement around the world. The association aims to raise consumer awareness of intelligent, reasoned, ecological and human cosmetics.

- From the association comes the mention Slow Cosmetics. The brands which are in an eco-responsible approach and which correspond to the charter are rewarded by the association and become winners of the Slow Cosmetics mention. They can then be put forward through the various actions of the association.
To obtain the mention, it is necessary to meet selective criteria (complete analysis of the cosmetic file, the INCI, the POS). There is full transparency of the association on the rewarded brands with a points system. The more the brand meets a large number of criteria of the charter, the more stars it obtains.

- Finally, the association's collaborative partner platform allows you to buy products from the award-winning brands.

Slow Cosmetics is as good for the body as it is for the environment. Some products available on are distinguished by the Slow Cosmétique Mention.