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4 trendy kimono dresses for spring/summer 2020

Ancestral garment of Japanese culture, the kimono has now become widely democratized to become a trendy piece and a must-have for the spring/summer 2020 season. As we know, summer is the perfect opportunity to get out of little light and fluid dresses. Among all the trendy dresses of the moment, the kimono dress catches our eye with its feminine allure and colorful prints.

Fashion designers have long been fascinated by the kimono dress and regularly make it one of the star pieces of their shows. Over the seasons, the kimono takes on more and more chic looks to adapt to the major trends of the moment.

How to adapt the kimono dress in her feminine dressing room? With which pieces to associate a kimono dress ? What are the models of trendy kimono dresses this season ?

What is the kimono dress?

Kimono means "thing to wear" in Japanese. Theclassic kimono dress has a straight cut and is long (usually to the ankles) with long, wide sleeves.

It is a dress that wraps around the waist with a belt called "obi". In Japanese culture, the way the belt is tied is a mark of social belonging. In the past, this garment was worn by both men and women.

Today, designers have imbued themselves with this ancestral dress to incorporate it into contemporary collections while keeping the Japanese spirit of this piece with its very particular cut.

The patterns of the modern kimono robe are therefore imbued with prints that are both modern and retro. There are flower kimono dresses , geometric prints, animal prints etc. There really is something for everyone. The dress is no longer just long, there are short and midi cuts.

The kimono dress for which morphology?

The kimono dress is suitable for most body types. Indeed, its cut and its materials are often fluid and light, which makes it an ideal dress for curvy, thin, tall or short women.
  • If you are plump, the kimono robe hides the curves in the hips, buttocks and upper thighs. To wear this dress when you have shapes, opt for a mid-length kimono dress (midi cut) with a V-neckline to draw the eye to the bust and 3/4 sleeves.
  • If you are petite, we advise you to opt for a short kimono dress with heels.
  • If you are tall, the 3 lengths will suit you (short, long or midi cut) and you can wear it with heels as well as flat feet.

How to wear a kimono dress?

The kimono dress is very traditional in Japan. To wear it with style in 2020, you have to choose a modern style and properly accessorize your kimono dress to give it a contemporary look.

Here are 4 dress styles to wear the kimono dress this summer!

The gipsy girl style

What's the trend gipsy everyone's talking about this season? The gipsy is an accented version of bohemian/hippy chic fashion.

The gipsy is a clever mix of refined materials and fluid fabrics with a touch of ethnic inspiration. A look that invites you to travel, freedom and adventure while keeping a chic look.

The kimono and the kimono dress are therefore essential pieces for a gipsy look successful.

How to wear the kimono dress gipsy version ?

We opt for a flowery kimono dress long with a spring print for a poetic spirit that you can wear with oriental jewelry or a scarf in your hair and mix it all up with a must-have fashion piece this year such as ankle boots or leather sandals.


The chic style

For a chic evening, set your sights on a magnificent evening kimono dress. You will immediately attract attention with your elegance.

A satin kimono robe or silk is perfect for a chic evening outfit.

If you want a red carpet look, go for a red kimono dress long and slightly split along the leg. Between the color and the cut of the dress, you will have everything from the most glamorous actresses in Hollywood.


Retro style

This year, fashion will draw on its vintage inspirations to bring forgotten trends up to date.

This is the case of the seventies and their geometric cuts, their oriental and floral prints, their stripes and their orange-violet colors. We see short dresses take on more structured shapes with puffed shoulders and retro prints.

  • For a chic style à la Romy Schneider , opt for a short kimono dress with geometric shapes.
  • For a slightly more rock style à la Janis Joplin , just add a pair of high leather boots!


Tropical style

This season, the tropical print seizes fashion but also decoration. Exoticism and the tropics are everywhere with their colorful patterns and plant prints.

To sport the tropical style with elegance, opt for a long kimono dress with tropical prints. Wear your dress with a pair of trendy mules and pretty hoops in your ears.

You can also opt for sneakers for a casual summer look! However, be careful to choose white sneakers with very few patterns so as not to overload your look.



The kimono dress is ultra-trendy this season and suits all body types. Here's how to create a modern look with a kimono dress :

  • For a gipsy look girl :opt for a long kimono dress mixing ethnic motifs and floral prints.
  • For a chic evening look:opt for a long silk kimono dress.
  • For a seventies look :opt for a short kimono dress with geometric shapes.
  • For a contemporary look with a tropical/jungle style:opt for a kimono dress with a tropical or animal print.