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The hottest celebrity looks of the moment

Out of fashion inspiration? How about stealing some look ideas from the hottest stars of the moment?!

Victoria Beckham's chic minimalist style

Deciphering the style

High priestess of chic and elegance, Victoria Beckham never falls for the simplistic look . His secret? Clean cuts and beautiful materials to transform the simplest clothes into strong pieces.

The coin to steal

We sting his black turtleneck and we match it with all the sauces:with tailored pants for the office, with mom jeans and heeled boots for the weekend...

Meghan Markle:modern and elegant

Meghan Markle's look

Tamed by her marriage to Prince Harry, Meghan Markle's style is no less modern and feminine. M eghan bets on the great chic classics such as the beige coat, the little black dress, the pumps, the cigarette pants, etc., but with modern cuts and materials.

Follow her latest looks on people magazines

Meghan Markle hasn't had an Instagram since she said "Yes" to her prince. The best way to follow her latest looks is to browse magazines or steal outfit ideas from her by subscribing to a people magazine. Indeed, Meghan and Harry are very popular with the paparazzi and there is no shortage of their outings:parties, major events and many more!

The effortless and chic style of Kaia Gerber

Decoding of the look

Between Parisian chic and relaxation, Kaia Gerber's style fascinates the fashion-sphere . Follower of “less is more », she bets on timeless chic and neutral tones to mix according to your desires.

Her signature style:a 90’s accent

What makes Kaia Gerber's style so sharp is the 90s edge she adds to her looks:oversized leather jacket, combat shoes, etc.

Alexa Chung:between rock and preppy

The Alexa Chung style deciphered

Inspiring and iconic, Alexa Chung never ceases to amaze with her looks mixing rock pieces and chic essentials.

Be inspired without making mistakes

With a style such as that of Alexa Chung, the fashion faux-pas quickly arrived. By wanting to mix too much, we sometimes end up doing anything wrong.

Hailey Baldwin:the haute couture cool girl

The essence of Hailey Baldwin style

Hailey Baldwin has recently risen to the rank of fashion icon. His style of the moment:the suit in all its forms, in haute couture version.

The coin to steal

To adopt your cool-couture look , we put on a largely oversized blazer, preferably with checks, which we wear with wide-leg pants assorted. The sewing touch? A trendy top underneath:neon wool sweater, crop top with thin straps...


Chiara Ferragni:the fashion chameleon

What is Chiara Ferragni's style?

It's hard to define Chiara Ferragni's style her looks change so much. From an ultra-glam style to clearly sportswear outfits, Chiara Ferragni wears everything, and everything suits her. What do all of her looks have in common? Branded pieces.

How to draw inspiration from Chiara Ferragni's style?

What should be remembered about Chiara Ferragni's style is that we have the right to wear whatever we please:do you want to go out as a femme fatale on Mondays and as the queen of the comfy look on Tuesdays? It is possible!

Lady Gaga's style:eccentric and provocative

A performer look

Here is another one that often makes the front page of people magazines! Lady Gaga transforms each of her outings into a fashion performance :from the nude bodysuit to the Kermit coat, via the meat dress and the total Mona Lisa look, Lady Gaga's style is a fashionable UFO.

Let's get inspired?

Without going so far as to wear a helmet in fresh flowers like the star, you can still draw inspiration from her fashion philosophy:dare!

The glamorous and elegant style of Blake Lively

Deciphering the style

Always sexy, but never vulgar, that's the credo of the sublime Blake Lively . Her style is made up of beautiful basics and ultra-trendy pieces, and we often see her in colorful and very fresh looks.

Blake Lively's favorite pieces

Right now, Blake is falling for the tailoring trend. :neon, striped or shiny velvet version, she swears only by the trouser suit. And, that's good, it's an easy look to wear, so let's go!