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How to wear the tartan skirt?

We all know it by its Scottish origins and its iconic plaid print:it is the Scottish skirt . A double-edged piece, it is the emblem of preppy looks but it has also been diverted into much less wise looks such as the grunge style.

Short, midi, long, with red or green checks, the tartan skirt returns to the forefront of the fashion scene to create sublime trendy looks. Would you like to wear it but don't want to look like a schoolgirl on the school benches? Here is what to wear with a plaid skirt depending on the fashion style you want to give it. What length to choose? What accessories to wear with her tartan skirt? In this guide, we take stock of the famous plaid skirt !

The checkered skirt:from the kilt to the BCBG style

Who would have thought it, the true Scottish men's skirt, known as the kilt, has become an iconic piece in ready-to-wear . Over the generations, it has been adopted and then put aside to always turn around and get out of the game. From the sulphurous look à la Britney Spears of the 90s to the women's tartan skirt 2021-2022 , water flowed under the bridges. This retro piece, which is gradually taking its legendary place as a timeless skirt, can be worn very elegantly this season. So how to choose and wear it? We explain everything

Since it's the fashion designers who give us the thread of trends to follow, we have largely spotted retro inspirations on the catwalks of Fashion Week. Who says retro, says vintage prints. And if there is one piece whose print is recognizable among a thousand, it is that of the famous Scottish skirt.

Sexy in a short tartan version, very BCBG in a long version, we now adopt it according to our own clothing style.

One thing is certain, it is incredibly trendy and it will be everywhere this winter!

Which tartan skirt to choose?

You are told Scottish skirt and you immediately think of the little girl's Scottish skirt or that of the sexy disguise? Put your preconceptions aside and enter a world where the famous little short skirt has reinvented itself.

In its traditional version, the red and black tartan skirt is the one we find the most. With tiles tinted with green, we now see it declined in infinite versions (red and white, yellow and gray tartan skirt, etc.). You are therefore no longer limited by the initial strict codes of the famous skirt.

As for its short cut in a skater skirt version, it has also been diverted to be restructured in even more trendy shapes. Long pleated skirt, long skirt, midi skirt, tight skirt, pencil skirt... In fact, all modern cuts have adopted the Scottish style. Perfectly! To choose it well, it's all a question of style, but also of morphology !

  • Do you have curves? Dare the tartan pencil skirt and its ultra glamorous version.
  • Are you thin and tall with an X-shaped silhouette? You will have no trouble wearing the skater skirt, the short sexy skirt or the bubble skirt.
  • Do you want a retro chic silhouette worthy of the most beautiful trendy BCBG looks of the moment? This is undoubtedly the midi or long cut you need!

What to wear with a tartan skirt?

Contrary to popular belief, the Scottish skirt goes with many pieces of our wardrobe. Depending on your style of dress, some clothes are obviously easier to put on with her tartan skirt.

The short plaid skirt:emblem of the preppy look or the BCBG style

If you wear it in preppy girl mode , it's a short skirt that you need. But beware, there is no question of bringing out the high black socks that go up to the knees. No, now the preppy girl is no longer the introverted schoolgirl, she is more of a Blair Warldof style in Gossip Girl. So grab your prettiestpussy-bow blouse , your derbies and your beloved headband for a perfectly worked look.

If you wish, you can even add the ultra fashionable finishing touch:the oversized blazer ! Masculine cut, retro style and 100% feminine skirt =successful combo!

By the way, we told you about derbies, but for a more feminine style, high heels are the way to go in this very trendy BCBG look!

The tartan skirt in a rock or retro style

We now give you two original fashion options for wearing the tartan skirt.

  • In a rock register , wear it with black! Turtleneck, rock boots on your feet, transparency, have a little fun without forgetting the haircut that enhances your style. A beautiful shag cut in tune with the times will bring a lot of modernity!
  • Surf the retro spirit with a style of the 70s . Since the seventies are back with little trapeze skirts, let's have fun creating a sublime mix of eras through a successful outfit. Plaid A-line skirt or Pan wrap skirt e, tight white sweater with a zip, turn into a 70s lady with your pretty short skirt.

Midi and long tartan skirt:how to wear them?

To not look like a granny with the long plaid skirt or midi length, you will need heels . Boots, ankle boots, pumps, it's up to you, but there's no question of being flat! Then, to choose what type of top to wear with your tartan skirt, do it according to your style, keeping in mind that the best option will be the most feminine.

Turtleneck sweater, refined blouse, fitted shirt, elegant top, bet everything on the sophisticated aspect of your look.

How to wear the tartan pencil skirt?

The pencil skirt being a glamorous skirt par excellence, it is a question of calming things down or truncating codes with pieces that are literally opposed to your style. Perfecto, rock t-shirt, oversize crop-top (I say oversize, because the tight-fitting crop-top would not go with this type of look at all), refined white shirt, etc….

Accessorize your tartan skirt for even more elegance!

The most daring among you will be envious with their tartan skirt! Want to be part of it? It's simple, follow our advice!

  • First of all, dare to belt it ! If it's a traditional print like in the photo above, an orange-camel belt will be ideal to brighten up your look with a fashion edge. And in addition, the belt reminds a little of the famous kilt by bringing the emblematic skirt back to its source. Always leave part of your belt hanging down so you don't fall into a too straight style.
  • Second important point, dare colourful boots or ankle boots . Always in an orange hue, you will really cause a sensation. You can also combine it with khaki, camel or black without fear of bad taste!
  • Bet on a mix of materials with an Irish-style cable knit jumper or wear a velvet blazer or in tweed , to bet everything onthe British style . The silk scarf worn around the neck, on the handbag or in the Audrey Hepburn hair will add a real romantic and chic touch to your look.
  • And finally, and not the easiest advice to give you, dare to mix and match ! Risky yes, but if it's successful, it's cleverly brilliant! To do this, you won't have 10,000 options so keep only one in mind:wear vertical stripes . With a hint of blue, white or orange, you'll have everything!

In summary

  • If you like to shop trendy pieces for winter that renew and change, opt for the tartan skirt!
  • First of all, it's the perfect winter skirt. Its print and its often warm materials seem to be made for the cold season. Mix it with neutral pieces but whose cut is trendy and modern to give it some pep (leather jacket, oversized knit sweater, rock T-shirt, etc.).
  • Always choose the cut according to your morphology and avoid vulgar associations such as plaid skirt-thigh high boots-cleavage;
  • Besides, note that it is a skirt that is generally worn with a top that covers the chest (blouse closed to the top, turtleneck, etc).