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Wedge sandals:trendy models for summer 2020

It's time to discover the new fashionable shoes for this summer 2020 season. We have the sandals and open shoes to show off our pretty varnished feet! On the trend side, this season, the wedge sandals invade the shoe departments.

An elegant shoe that combines the pleasure of being in sandals while gaining height and stability.

The wedge sandals have the advantage of being comfortable and feminine and go perfectly with all kinds of fashion pieces.

Zoom in on a summer fashion trend:the wedge sandal! What are the trendy wedge shoe models ? How to wear wedge sandals s? Mes Habits Chéris gives you its expert advice.

Wedge sandals:the summer shoe!

In the department of women's shoes, the variations are endless. Sandals, espadrilles, pumps and sneakers compete for the headliners. Among them, the wedge shoes have caught the attention of fashionistas this summer!

Not only does this model go with everything, but it is very practical to wear in everyday life. Thanks to the wedge soles that creates a natural arch, no need to be high and twist your ankles with high heels. The sandals are stable and refine our legs with elegance.

Romantic and chic spirit to walk the streets and go out with friends! A short dress, cargo pants, shorts, all the pieces seem to go together with this flagship shoe!

Thewedge shoes suitable for all body types. Whether tall or short, thin or round, it lengthens the silhouette with elegance.

Is the wedge worn casual or dressed? There is something for everyone... Some refined models are easy to wear for a formal outfit. Others bring the chic touch to a casual outfit.

Wedge sandals and platform sandals , what is the difference?

Be careful not to confuse the wedge sandals of the famous platforms! The wedges take their base at the heel to form an elegant arch while the platforms are raised but horizontal!

8 flagship models of wedge sandals that we love

Wedge tie sandal

If there's one model that caught our attention, it's the tie shoe. Incredibly feminine, the wedge sandals come in all styles and colors.

How to wear tie wedge sandals ? We play it catwalk version and we dare to lace up over the pants for a more stylish look than ever!

Leather wedge sandal

Leather is a refined material on shoes. Just because the heat is coming doesn't mean you have to leave out this sophisticated material.

The leather wedge sandals give character to an outfit and are perfect for a city look. A practical way to wear wedge sandals to the office without looking too casual!

The star model of the season:the camel leather wedge sandal. Perfect to wear with white or nude colors for a classy look. Camel also goes very well with certain warm colors.


Espadrilles wedge sandal

A nice tour de force for the espadrille that is back in force this season with a brand new model:the wedge espadrille .

Seen on the catwalks of Fashion Week, the wedge espadrille is the revisited summer shoe that you put on to go out in town or to the beach. A Deauville spirit for 100% feminine casual chic looks.

With its hemp rope sole, the espadrille has everything just right and is surfing on the natural trend that is taking hold of the collections this year. We also love it for its retro look that reminds us of the Yves Saint Laurent wedge model from the 60s. It looks very pretty on a white dress accessorized with a straw hat.

Navy blue wedge sandal

If you're looking for a wedge sandal that goes with everything, opt for a navy blue wedge sandal . Whether plain or striped, blue sandals can be worn on all occasions!

From the sea to the city, day or night, it's very simple, it goes with everything! Pair it with denim shorts for a casual outfit or with a white dress for a chic look!


Closed wedge sandals

Wearing sandals with warm toes is possible and it's chic! Retro spirit for these shoes with a romantic and old-fashioned style. We love the closed wedge sandal in straw when it is red or black. Very rockabilly and yet very contemporary!

To break the vintage or too wise spirit of the shoe, do not hesitate to wear it with jeans (shorts, destroyed jeans etc).


Golden wedge sandal

Once reserved for formal evenings, gold shoes have become ultra-trendy for all occasions. They are worn both in the city and in the evening. Their brilliant color revives any outfit and gives style in the blink of an eye.

It is therefore logical that the golden shoe also comes in a sandal version to offer us pretty little golden wedge sandals to dress up our outfits.


Printed wedge sandal

With the current retro trend, prints are more trendy than ever. To each print its era! Polka dots, stripes, flowers, liberty, animal prints etc.

The printed wedge shoe is a fashion piece that comes upgraded a basic look. We therefore do not hesitate to zoom in on the shoes to make them little jewels that will sublimate our outfits.

The only rule with printed shoes:wear more neutral or unicolored clothes so as not to visually overload your look.


Wedge sandal with straps

The wedge sandal with straps adds a chic touch to any outfit. Their straps delicately dress the ankles for an elegant touch. So we abuse it to enhance a summer dress, leather shorts or a pleated midi skirt.