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8 swimwear trends summer 2020

Like every year, many of us can't wait to put on our new swimsuit .

Whether you're getting ready for this summer or you're going to the spa soon with your friends, you'll need a trendy swimsuit where you will feel comfortable and elegant.

A one-piece swimsuit in the bikini , the swimwear collections are available to infinity for our greatest pleasure. Whether you like flowers, polka dots, colors or animal prints, you are bound to find a piece to suit your taste. Designers are more and more imaginative and offer us unstructured cuts that perfectly hug the shapes with femininity.

What swimsuit to wear this summer 2020? Here are 8 swimwear trends spotted on the Fashion Week fashion shows spring-summer 2020.

Summer 2020 swimwear trends

High waist bikini

Remember the bathing suits of our grandmothers in the few black and white photos of the time. The panties were high-waisted and at the time gave a perfect pin-up look.

With its retro look, the high-waisted swimsuit makes a successful comeback in the swimwear collections this summer 2020.

A new trend that suits all body types and has the advantage of hiding the curves in the belly. For sure, the high waist will be in all the stores this summer.

Long-sleeved one-piece

While the seventies inspiration in full swing, puff sleeves are trendier than ever.

Halfway between ready-to-wear and swimwear, the long-sleeved swimsuit is ultra glamorous and distinguished. Sometimes sexy with bare shoulders, sometimes elegant with oversized puff sleeves.

Asymmetrical one-piece

The one-piece swimsuit is in line to rival the traditional bikini 2 rooms. We see it everywhere and we finally dare to adopt it whatever our silhouette. Because yes, the one-piece swimsuit is easy to wear whether you are thin or have curves. On the other hand, for round women, we opt for a sculpting cut and without cutting to refine the silhouette.

With a pretty knot tied on one of your shoulders or with an ultra-colorful asymmetrical cutout, let yourself be seduced by this ultra-sophisticated trend.

Bustier one-piece swimsuit

The bustier swimsuit is very trendy this year. Accessorized with a few bracelets, it will immediately bring a chic touch to your beach outfit. There are sculpting, sheathing and push-up for those who wouldn't dare to wear a bustier.

For even more elegance, wear a transparent sarong over your swimsuit.

The ruffled swimsuit

Ruffles have never ceased to seduce us and also invite themselves romantically into our summer wardrobe.

A ruffled bikini to the one-piece swimsuit with a ruffled detail on the shoulder, it's a style that will certainly seduce more than one this summer.

Tropical print

What could be more summery than a tropical print to sunbathe at the beach?

This summer the swimsuits are colourful, flowery and with a touch of the exotic. At Dolce &Gabbana , it's a real explosion of freshness and color during the spring-summer 2020 swimwear show.

The colorful swimsuit:from yellow to apricot

This season, we're vitaminizing our dressing room with tangy colors like yellow and orange.

Perfect for illuminating the complexion, yellow is fresh and punchy . It gives a healthy glow and comes out beautifully on beautiful tanned skin.

As for the orange, we choose it apricot or peach in plain version or mixed with a pretty yellow!

Animal print

Already very present in ready-to-wear for some time, animal prints can also be worn on the beach.

In summary:

Here are the swimsuits we'll be seeing everywhere this summer:

  • High-waisted swimsuit
  • Long-sleeved one-piece
  • Asymmetrical one-piece
  • Strapless swimsuit
  • Ruffled swimsuit
  • Tropical print
  • The colorful swimsuit:from yellow to apricot.
  • Animal print