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How to wear derbies properly? Tips and Ideas Looks.

Perfect for being elegant and trendy flat, derbies are the most feminine men's shoes! We love them as much for the office as for the weekend or even for more dressy occasions. It's very simple, the derby goes to everyone and with almost everything. Discover our tips and look ideas for wearing derbies well!

Derbies and brogues:how to tell them apart?

Know before you start:derbies and brogues are not exactly the same shoes . It is true that the difference is subtle and that most brands do not bother with this distinction, but it is still important, you will see.

To tell the difference between a pair of derbies and a pair of brogues, look at the lacing. On derbies, the laces are on yokes called "guarantors" that you can raise, we then speak of free guarantors. On brogues, this part is sewn on the upper of the shoe, so it is a non-free guarantor. This difference is felt above all in terms of comfort, which is why it may be important.

Choose your pair of derbies according to your morphology

Shoes are like clothes, it is also chosen according to its morphology. Our advice for finding the perfect pair of derbies based on your figure .

When you're pretty thin

If you are rather thin, we advise you to opt for a classic model of derbies, with a flat heel. This shape will elongate your leg and highlight your slender ankles. Avoid derbies with wedge heels which risk weighing down your figure.

When you're rather luscious

Derbies can perfectly suit a luscious or round figure , provided you choose a suitable model. Derby shoes with a slight platform, no more than 4 or 5 cm, will perfectly match your morphology.

Wear derbies well:ideas for chic and trendy looks!

Focus on a few look ideas to be on top with your derbies.

Sequined derbies:chic and festive for a wedding

We tell you about it a little below, derbies can also work for more formal occasions such as a wedding, a baptism, etc. We love the sequined derbies, which keep all their chic but with a touch of fun, good humor and trend in addition. If you want to wear sequined derbies for a wedding, you will have to favor a fairly sober outfit (too much sequins kills the sequins). For example, opt for a backless jumpsuit, a trapeze dress or even a skater skirt that will go with your shoes.

If the ceremony takes place in the summer, we advise you to test this look:a linen trouser suit in beige, pearl gray or in a pastel shade (blue, water green, orange, mauve, yellow…), a tank top inspired by pajamas in fairly light silk or satin, a capeline and your sequined derbies . You'll look great, but not enough to overshadow the bride!


A comfy look in derbies

The idea of ​​the comfy look being to wear chic but comfortable things, you can hardly do better than the derby. We recommend slouchy or pleated jeans, a slightly oversized fine knit sweater worn over a white shirt if you like, a thin leopard print belt and a pair of silver metallic derbies . Add an XXL bag for its practical but above all trendy side, a very simple wool coat and pretty jewelry. Perfect outfit for a brunch with friends, an aperitif in town or even a Sunday in Deauville!

Derbies to go to the office

Along with moccasins, derbies are probably the best alternative to pumps for going to the office. The signature derby fit works great with the 7/8 tailored pants we're seeing everywhere these days.

Our look idea:7/8 suit trousers (of course!) in houndstooth or Prince of Wales, a white blouse or shirt, a black blazer, fishnet knee-highs (the trendy touch which makes all the difference) and a pair of black patent leather derbies. Wear a trench with it and a pretty bucket or tote bag.

Chic-casual summer look with derbies

Derbies can also be worn in summer, there are many canvas models perfect for sunny days. A pair of canvas derbies will work very well with beige linen paper-bag shorts, worn with a simple white t-shirt or tank top! As for accessories, bet on a pretty straw hat (floppy hat, boater hat or Panama hat), an accumulation of fine necklaces and a pair of XXL sunglasses.

Compensated derbies:for or against?

We've seen them everywhere for a few seasons, wedge derbies are definitely trendy . Be careful all the same to choose a fairly thin model, which will not give a “heavy” impression to your silhouette. For this reason, they are not recommended for small and slender women, who will look much better with flat derbies.

When can you wear derbies?

What we love about derbies is that they look good on all women and for all occasions . They can be worn at any age and are available in all styles, so you can find a model for brunch, to go to the office, for a wedding... The main thing is, you will understand, to choose the right one. pair. Here are the main guidelines to never commit a fashion faux pas with derbies:

  • For a strict outfit:a varnished and rather dark model (black, navy blue, burgundy, fir green, etc.).
  • For a casual outfit:matte leather, in a natural color such as brown or camel, or a metallic model, very trendy at the moment.
  • For a wedding or just for fun:sequined derbies, definitely.