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What clothes to wear when you have small breasts?

Having small breasts is not a curse! Although today's society leads us to believe that the sexy woman has more than generous shapes, the reality is quite different. Rest assured, small breasts are fashionable! Some stars like Gwen Stefani, Kate Hudson or Natalie Portman are well known for their small breasts . However, aren't they among the sexiest women in Hollywood? In reality, there is nothing more beautiful than a woman who assumes her 90a small chest !

Stay positive! If you have a small chest, you won't experience breasts that sag with age, nor the back problems associated with too large a chest.

Other good news, fashion is made for women with small breasts! Whether or not you have a complex about your small breasts, here are the top most flattering clothes to highlight a small breast .

How to dress with small breasts?

Are you one of the women with small breasts? You might be wondering why some women have bigger breasts than others? Unfortunately, we are not all equal in the face of nature. Every woman has her flaws and strengths. Instead of getting depressed at the thought of not having Monica Bellucci's breasts, how about learning how to show off your small breasts through your wardrobe? Because yes, ladies, feeling good about your body starts with feeling good about your clothes. Here are all our fashion tips to make your small chest an asset.

What top to wear with a small bust?

Some tops are particularly suitable for small breasts:

  • White blouses. Their light color will highlight the upper body and the effect will be even prettier if you opt for a white V-neck blouse .
  • Bustiers are also well known for enhancing small breasts. However, be sure to choose them well adjusted for maximum elegance.
  • Open backs are a great way to focus attention on another part of your body.

Choose tops in light colors and if possible, choose printed tops to give volume to the upper body. Frilly tops, ruffles etc are also very good options!

Pay attention to the collar of your top! It may seem silly, but some collars will show off your small chest while others will hide it by accentuating the lack of volume.

Small chest and V-neck

Women complexed by their small breasts shun low necklines because they think they are reserved for big cups. They wonder which top to wear with a small chest and often mistakenly opt for tops that will hide them rather than show them.

You can wear a simple v-neck tee over jeans or black tuxedo pants for a chic look. You can also choose to play the sexy card with a deep V neckline. To do this, wear a pretty black bodysuit, for example. The advantage of bodysuits is that even if you bend over, they stick to your skin so much that you don't risk accidentally losing a breast, as is the case with some flowing clothes.

Small chest and round neck

Round collars are ideal for small breasts. They go to almost all body types. They are especially not recommended for large breasts because they weigh down the upper body.

Small chest and cowl neck

The cowl necks bring material to the bust, so they are perfect for highlighting small breasts.

Which dress for a small chest?

Some cuts of dresses are more suitable for your small breasts. Here is a list of dresses that will be perfect for you:

  • Bustier dresses
  • V-neck dresses
  • Bare back dresses
  • Wrap dresses
  • Dresses with cowl necks
  • Round-neck dresses
  • Dresses with spaghetti straps
  • Dresses with buttons at the front
  • Tube dresses
  • Dresses with plunging necklines

Which bra for small breasts?

While all the women around you enjoy shopping for underwear, for you it's a real nightmare! Tired of padded bras to create an illusion. Do you also dream of putting on this pretty lace triangle but are afraid of looking like a teenager before puberty? Have no fear and follow our advice!

To give volume to your small breasts, opt for push-up bras . Unlike padded bras, they bring your breasts to the center and give a volume effect. Push-ups are also made primarily for small breasts.

You can also choose a balconette bra which will have a slight push-up effect and give your breasts a natural curve.

Finally, for an ultra sensual effect, we play the natural card with lace triangle bras like the bralette, an essential piece of lingerie this season.

Which sweater to highlight small breasts?

When the chill hits, opt for fine knits, fine wool vests, mid-length cardigans and fine turtlenecks.

Button your waistcoat and reveal a pretty lace top at the neckline.

Which swimsuit to choose when you have small breasts?

If there ever was a time when you were tired of having small breasts, it's summer...

While some rejoice at the idea of ​​going to choose their new swimsuit, others wonder which swimsuit to choose so as not to look like a breadboard..

Small breasts are spoiled for choice when it comes to swimsuits. If you want to give them volume, go for a push-up or underwired swimsuit. If you assume your small chest, triangle swimsuits will be very pretty, as will lightly padded bandeaus.

Rather 1-piece or 2-piece swimsuit when you have small breasts?

One-piece swimsuits can be very sexy with a maxi neckline or with integrated balconettes. If you opt for a 1 piece, pay attention to your line. Women with small breasts cannot afford to have a few unsightly bulges in the belly because this will immediately accentuate the lack of volume in the chest.

The 2 pieces offer you a wide choice of models and you will certainly find the swimsuit of your dreams more easily.

In conclusion

If you have small breasts, here are some tips to follow when choosing your outfits:

  • Choose tops with suitable collars (V-neck, cowl neck or round neck)
  • Put on white shirts because they look great on small chests
  • Dresses with a maxi neckline are very sexy
  • Halter dresses, strapless dresses and V-neck dresses are also great choices
  • When choosing your lingerie, choose push-up bras over padded bras