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What clothes to wear when you are skinny?

You are thin with very little chest and waist but your legs are long and thin? You have what is called a skinny figure . Girl's body, androgynous figure , woman-child, so many qualifiers sometimes unpleasant to hear.

If some fully assume their twig look, this is not the case for all women... Whether you belong to one or the other of these categories, you would surely like to know the tricks to bring out your femininity through your style of dress.

Here is how to dress when you lack shape . How to show off when you're skinny? Check out all of our fashion tips in this article.

How to dress when you are skinny?

Are you tired of your sticky look or looking for some fashion advice for thin women ? Here are all our fashion tips for finding clothes that suit your figure.

What pants for thin women?

Very slender women often have the impression that they lack curves and have buttocks that are too flat and not plump enough.

But then what pants to wear when you're thin ? To give volume to your buttocks, choose shaping and sculpting pants such as chinos or boyfriend jeans for example. You can also wear pleated pants.

  • Try as much volume as possible on the hips by choosing gathered pants.
  • Mark the waist with a belt to increase the contrast between the upper and lower body.

What skirt to wear when you're skinny?

Choose skirts with a certain volume and forget the straight cuts which will amplify the "baguette" effect of your legs.

Skater Skirts are a great choice because they shape your hips. You can also wear pleated skirts, bubble skirts and all flared skirts with a marked waist.

What dress for a skinny silhouette?

Always with the aim of marking the waist and creating volume on the hips, buttocks and chest, opt for skater dress cuts. Keep in mind that it is absolutely necessary to find dresses that will emphasize the waist.

What top to wear when you're thin?

Here is a list of tops that are perfect for your thin and slender figure :

  • Round or square collars.
  • Tops with stripes.
  • Tops with embellishments.
  • Tops with prints.
  • Fitted jackets.
  • Round-neck sweaters.

What underwear to wear when you are skinny?

How to show off your small chest ? Well, just cheat a little. And for that, it's very easy, there are a multitude of underwear that give the illusion of a larger chest.

What shoes when you are thin and slender?

If to dress when you are skinny is not always easy, the choice of shoes is also very important.

The skinny woman's shoe ally is undeniably the flat shoe. Exit the heels which accentuate the thinness of the legs.

Copy skinny star looks

Dressing according to your morphology is possible! Some stars handle the choice of their outfits to perfection to look less skinny .

Kate Moss , Jane Birkin , Emma Watson , Sienna Miller , Daisy Ridley , Natalie Portman , Lucy Liu , why not take inspiration from their looks to learn how to enhance your body?

To enhance their femininity and their style, stars adopt several techniques that are easy to copy. In general, it creates a contrast between the upper and lower body to bring volume to their silhouette.

They wear clothes with all kinds of prints, especially stripes. They opt for ruffled tops, draped tops, frills. They play with the mix of materials and mix jeans or cotton with lace, velvet, silk. It's a great way to contrast the silhouette by adding volume .

Accessories are also very important to add femininity and deceive the eye. They multiply the scarves, the scarves, the jewels.

You will have noticed that fashion is largely inspired by the 80s this year. Use this fashion to choose the perfect flagship garments for your figure.

Others have chosen to assume and adopt the very fashionable style this year:the androgynous style . For example, you can take inspiration from the outfits of the top model Aymeline Valade.

Mistakes not to make:

Here are some style mistakes not to make when you are thin and thin at the risk of amplifying the twig effect.

You should never wear the following parts:

  • Platform shoes.
  • Bustiers.
  • Thin straps.
  • V-shaped necklines.
  • Long necklaces.
  • Tight dresses.
  • Straight cuts.

In summary:

If you have a thin body à la Kate Moss , it is important to follow some fashion tips to gain femininity:

  • Create contrast and volume with your clothes.
  • Always opt for flat shoes (ballerinas, ankle boots, sneakers).
  • Mark the waist with skater cuts or by belting your outfit.
  • Don't forget to play with accessories to gain volume (scarves, scarves, jewelry, etc.).
  • Wear padded underwear or push-ups.
  • Avoid v-necklines and opt for round or square necks instead.
  • Wear striped prints, jeans, patterns, embellishments.