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How to wear women's sneakers properly?

Classic without being boring, trendy without being difficult to match, and above all comfortable without being unattractive, women's sneakers are real fashion must-haves, which we love to put on. Discover some advice and look ideas for wearing women's sneakers everyday!

The women's sneakers we love right now

It's decided, you want to treat yourself to stylish and comfortable women's trainers ? But which model to choose among all those available today? Let's start with a little review of our favorite sneaker models of the moment .

The great classics of the genre

In terms of women's sneakers , classicism is never a fashion faux pas. Some models go through the seasons and fashion weeks without taking a wrinkle, and have become safe bets . This is particularly the case with the white leather sneakers , canvas sneakers, sleek running shoes, etc. Thanks to women's sneakers, you can play it fashionable and comfortable at the same time.

If you want a pair to wear every day and super easy to match, these are the models you need to look into.

Our fashion favourites

The most fashion-addicted among us will rather tend to look at colourful, shiny and/or oversized women's trainers which are in vogue this season. The women's sneakers of this year is indeed made to be seen:XXL sole, futuristic cutout, neon color-block, sequins, vintage shape... the spirit is sport and streetwear , and we love massive basketball. It's a little more difficult to match, we won't hide it from you, but super trendy.

What can you wear women's sneakers with?

The answer is very simple:you can wear sneakers with whatever you want. The women's sneakers works as well with short as with long or midi, with tights as with bare legs, and in a streetwear register as chic-casual. There are no rules, you can really have fun, and it's rare enough in the fashion world to be happy about it. Our little fashion bonus for wearing sneakers in winter and to stand out is to opt for fancy socks (polka dots, stripes, fishnet, etc.) that you leave clearly visible. It will be perfect with sneakers and mom jeans.

Look ideas with sneakers for women

We give you some ideas for looks to wear your women's sneakers well and be stylish in any season!

Sneakers and tailored pants

One of our favorite options for bringing the sneaker into the office. Opt for a relatively sober model like a plain leather sneaker, or at the limit metallic, but avoid ultra-worked sneakers that really look street. Ditto for your outfit:bet on something classic and elegant to break the too casual side of the basket for women . The trouser suit is a very good solution for that, and very trendy by the way, so we go for it.

White sneakers and floral dress

The floral dress is a must-have of the moment, which we love to wear with a pretty pair of sneakers. The dress+basket duo is also ultra trendy.

We advise you, here too, to opt for fairly sober sneakers. Since your outfit will already be patterned, information overload should be avoided. Don't hesitate to wear a pretty perfecto with your flowery dress and sneakers, just to add a delicious rock touch to your look.

Women's sneakers and midi skirt

Also very stylish, the combination of a midi skirt and trainers for women works very well to give yourself a nice preppy style. Add an oversized sweater and opaque tights for your winter sneaker looks!

Denim skirt and sneakers

When you put two fashion essentials together, you get an easy-to-wear and ultra-stylish outfit, and that's exactly what happens with a denim skirt and sneakers for women . We advise you to opt for a classic white shirt, for a chic-casual look, or for a simple t-shirt if you want a more casual outfit. As for sneakers, on the other hand, you can indulge yourself:bright colors, glitter, metallic leather, animal print... Everything will be fine as long as your outfit remains sober!

Sneakers and summer shorts

When summer arrives, we often want to play it "cool", and women's sneakers are perfect for that. Whether you're wearing boyfriend jean shorts, linen paper-bag shorts, or tailored-inspired shorts, a nice pair of sneakers will always work. We particularly recommend low-top canvas sneakers, comfortable and trendy for the hot season.