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How to wear a navy blue dress?

Navy blue is one of the most stylish colors there is. Choose a navy blue dress is therefore evident in many choices. Not only is navy blue suitable for almost all skin types, but it is also a color that adapts to all body types.

How to wear a navy dress? Read this article to find out what accessories to wear with her navy blue dress :shoes, jewelry, make-up etc.

What color to wear with navy blue?

It's not always easy to know how to match the colors of your clothes.

Navy blue is one of the closest colors to black that goes with everything. But its lighter tone sometimes makes it difficult to match. To see more clearly, here is a list of colors to associate with navy blue:

  • gold
  • white
  • red
  • coral
  • bright yellow
  • fushia pink
  • black
  • grey
  • mint green
  • pine green

What to wear with a navy blue dress?

The little black dress is very easy to match, but the navy blue dress often causes us concern. Its elegant shade and its royal color makes us hesitate on the different fashion pieces to combine. Here is a complete guide to learn what to wear a navy dress with in no time.

What shoes to wear with a navy blue dress?

For a rather classic, chic and formal look, you can opt for nude or simply black pumps. A variant is to choose a burgundy that will go well with navy blue. On the other hand, if you prefer to stand out and give character to your outfit, you should choose colored shoes that will draw attention to your look.

Camel goes very well with navy blue, but we prefer it for a casual style. A pair of high boots in winter, sandals in summer.

Bright colors like yellow, pink, blue (in a more punchy shade than the dress) or even mint green are also excellent choices for streetwear looks classy.

What jewelry with a navy blue dress?

Golden jewelry

Gold is a very trendy color this year. The fashion for glitter extends to all accessories:shoes, belts and jewelry. Wearing gold jewelery with a navy blue dress will make your outfit sparkle and give your look a chic look. The important thing is to balance the touches of gold you are going to wear and not to overload your outfit with too many golden accessories . For example, you can choose a delicate golden brooch, a retro-style barrette, pretty earrings or beautiful "gold" bracelets or rings.

To choose which jewelry to wear with your navy blue dress , you have to take into account the occasion you are visiting. If you wear your dress for an everyday outfit, it is obvious that we will choose simple jewelry and that we will bet on sobriety with a pretty watch, earrings and a few rings. On the other hand, if you are going to a wedding, a party or a chic event, it is important to choose jewelry that will give character to your outfit. We will then rather opt forrefined jewelry adorned with touches of gold.

Silver jewelry

Although gold jewelery has been popular in recent years, silver has not had its last say. Its color is timeless blends very well with navy blue. Choose delicate silver jewelry to bring a touch of elegance to your outfit. Head jewelry is very chic.

Colorful jewelry to brighten up the outfit

Although we often turn to traditional gold or silver jewelry, there are plenty of other ways to accessorize a navy blue dress. You can wear colorful jewelry that goes very well with navy blue. You can even choose colors that will match the color of your shoes. Here are colors of jewelry you can wear with your navy blue dress :

  • turquoise blue:this color will go particularly well in summer. Turquoise brings a touch of vintage to your outfit. Think very classy turquoise rings, cuffs and jewellery
  • yellow:unquestionably this will be the perfect color to go with blue! The trend is mustard yellow this year.
  • mint green:this soft color will be particularly suitable if you are going to a formal event and want to give your outfit a touch of elegance
  • coral:this color will draw attention to you and goes very well with navy blue
  • powder pink or bright pink


The beauty of pearls is well established. If you're looking for just one chic accessory to pair with your navy blue dress:go for pearls . The pearly color of your jewelry will sublimate your outfit in the blink of an eye. Earrings, rings, necklaces or barrettes, you have a multitude of options.

What makeup with a navy blue dress?

As for lipstick, red is perfect because it is very elegant . We choose a red that matches our complexion. Preferably, a matte lipstick that tends towards burgundy. It's a perfect color to highlight the little navy blue dress. If you're more into understated makeup, choose a simple nude lipstick.

For eye makeup, we try to avoid colors that are too dark so as not to look harsh. For this, we choose eye shadow with icy tones such as copper, gold, silver, ocher yellow, gray .

For evening makeup, dare color! For example, if you have brown eyes, you can choose royal blue or electric blue. Eyeliner can also give you a doe look that lends itself particularly well to evening makeup.

For holiday makeup, opt for "glitter" with smoky eyes for smoky, sparkling eyes.

What color nail polish with a navy blue dress?

On the varnish side, these are somewhat the same color codes as for the jewelry. You can choose shades of red from bright to warmer complexion, yellow, electric blue, glitter, yellow etc...

Wearing a navy blue dress in winter

The navy blue dress is a chic piece! It must therefore be matched with clothes that will give you style.

In winter, you can match your navy blue dress with a long straight wool coat and a pretty pair of nude, gold or silver pumps. If you opt for boots, choose leather boots in black or camel tones.

To keep your outfit classy, ​​choose a dress with three-quarter sleeves or long sleeves that won't require the addition of an extra piece.

What tights to wear with a navy blue dress?

Navy blue being a dark color, we often wonder what tights to wear with this color. Should we opt for flesh-colored tights or colored tights or go for black?

In our opinion, we forget the flesh-colored tights which are no longer really trendy this year. Same thing for the colored tights which are not at all in line with the refined spirit of the navy blue dress.

Can you wear black tights with a navy blue dress? The answer is yes! Although some people think that black and navy blue don't go together because they are two colors that are too dark, we really disagree.

  • For a casual outfit with an urban style, you can give style to your little navy blue dress by wearing patterned black tights (plumetis, polka dots, sequins, etc.)
  • For a chic style, you can wear opaque black tights.

Wear a navy blue dress to a wedding

The navy blue dress is a very good choice to go to a wedding. Its color is sumptuous but elegantly discreet. Whether you are a guest or bridesmaids, you can choose a blue lace dress.

  • a skater dress
  • a draped dress
  • a long flowing dress
  • a strapless dress
  • a satin dress
  • a lace dress

In conclusion

The navy blue dress is an excellent choice to shine at an event while being elegant, but it can also be worn very easily in everyday life. It's a good alternative to the little black dress which is sometimes too dark for certain occasions.

Navy blue reminds us of the color of royalty and goes perfectly with the "glitter" trend of the moment! You can therefore associate it with jewelry, clutches, shoes and accessories in gold, silver or copper.

If you want to put some color to brighten up your look in a navy blue dress , bet on:

  • electric blue
  • bright yellow
  • soft pink
  • fushia pink
  • Bordeaux
  • bright green

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