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Sweater dress:how to wear it this winter?

The cold is coming, it's time to reorganize our dressing room for warm and comfortable outfits. Cozy coats, cocooning sweaters, chunky knit cardigans and tights invade our closets. But what about our pretty little dresses? It's winter, so what? Who said we had to put away our legs?

It's out of the question to put your femininity aside! There are plenty of pretty dresses to wear when it's cold! If you want to combine warmth, comfort and style, why not opt ​​for a trendy sweater dress ?

Perhaps you are reluctant to choose this style of cut for fear of being too saggy or not knowing how to wear a sweater dress ? To help you, we have prepared a complete guide to the sweater dress . How to choose it well according to your morphology? How to accessorize your sweater dress for a trendy look?

How to wear a sweater dress?

Which cut of sweater dress to choose?

There are several models of sweater dress:

  • The classic sweater dress straight or tight cut.
  • Oversized jumper dress :a key trend this winter. You have surely noticed it, this year the oversize is in fashion. Whether it's for your blazers, your coats or other pieces, we love the casual chic effect that the oversize gives to our different looks. An oversized dress is therefore a very good choice to achieve a sophisticated look this winter.
  • The turtleneck sweater dress :one of the best choices to be warm all winter long.
  • The long sweater dress: definitely trendy and perfect for tall girls.
  • The sweatshirt dress: perfect for sportswear looks.

Wearing a sweater dress when you're plump

Mesh isn't always an obvious choice when it comes to shapes. How to wear a sweater dress when you are curvy without being bullied? Know that it is quite possible to have curves and wear a sweater dress.

If you fully assume your curves:opt for a tight sweater dress and play on the sexy side!

Also favor V-necks without overdoing the neckline so as not to appear vulgar if you already have a large chest.

Can you wear a sweater dress when you're little?

How not to look packed wearing a sweater dress when you're petite ? All you have to do is accessorize your outfit to enhance your look. For this, obviously choose boots or ankle boots to gain a few centimeters and refine your silhouette. Also opt for a haircut that will give you height! High quilt, bun on the top of the head... in short, you will have understood the idea is to look taller!

It can be straight, oversized or many different cuts, but what matters is not to choose a model that is too long. Forget about long or mid-length sweater dresses that would reach your knees.

How to accessorize a sweater dress

Do you feel like wearing a sweater dress is nothing but a long sweater and something is missing from your outfit? Forget this idea! Yes, the sweater dress is in a way a dress version of a simple long sweater, that's true. Well accessorized, you can create a sexy, modern and chic look with your sweater dress. Here are all our tips for perfectly accessorizing your sweater dress .

With a belt

The sweater dress can quickly look "plan-plan" if the accessories are poorly chosen. The rule of thumb is therefore to choose trendy accessories to enhance the overall tone of the outfit and make it look ultra trendy. This year, belts are everywhere! Belt blazers, pleated skirts, dresses and even coats. Which belt to wear with a sweater dress?

  • Choose it rather large in black, burgundy, camel or animal print tones to follow this season's trends.
  • Wear it at the waist and give your dress a loose effect just above the belt.
  • Opt for belts with a buckle or clasp in the center, they are very fashionable this year.

What jacket to wear with a sweater dress?

As the sweater dress is already warm and rather voluminous, we can rightly wonder what type of jacket we will be able to pair it with.

It's very simple, you have to choose your jacket taking into account your morphology but also according to the model of sweater dress you have chosen.

We explain which jacket to wear with your sweater dress?

  • If your sweater dress is a sportswear dress and you wear it with sneakers:opt for a knit cardigan and don't be afraid of the double knit effect. Make sure this one is always as long as your sweater dress. You can also add a big scarf to enhance your look.
  • If you like rock looks:opt for a leather perfecto combo, studded boots and sweater dress! The perfecto is the perfect jacket for this style of outfit, as well as the denim jacket!
  • For an elegant look, you can wear a fitted black suit jacket and make a nice reminder if your shoes are also black.

Did you choose an oversized sweater dress and can't find what to wear over it? Don't panic, with an oversized jumper dress you can easily opt for a long straight coat ! On the one hand it is one of the trendy coats of winter 2019/2020 and on the other hand it will bring a chic touch to your outfit!

What shoes to wear with a sweater dress

With waders

This winter again waders are becoming a strong trend in "it-shoes". We see them everywhere. They are the perfect accessory to be worn with a sweater dress. They bring chic to your outfit while keeping your legs warm. They will go particularly well with an oversized chunky-knit sweater dress. Discover our tips for wearing over-the-knee boots in style.

Wear your sweater dress with ankle boots

Second possibility:pair your sweater dress with ankle boots !

Thigh high boots are not for you or you dare not take the plunge? You can absolutely wear your sweater dress with a pretty pair of ankle boots. Choose them in leather, one of the favorite materials for winter 2019/2020 or even in velvet!

  • If you have a total black look, why not dare ankle boots with animal motifs in python or leopard?
  • If you opt for a grey, beige or camel sweater dress, do not hesitate to take out your most beautiful patterned tights! It will be the detail that will make the difference!

What looks for a sweater dress With sneakers?

Sneakers are also a great choice for your looks with your sweater dress! If you like sportswear looks , they will give you a cool and trendy style. They are also perfect if you have chosen a long sweater dress.

Now that you've discovered how to wear the sweater dress this winter, why not take a look at the trendy outfits for this back to school!

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