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How to wear a white dress in winter?

White is a perfect color for winter because it gives brightness and radiance in the face of greyness and cold. In addition, white creates a trendy style and is synonymous with sweetness and happiness, perfect for celebrating special occasions such as birthdays, baby showers etc.

If you have a white dress but you don't know how to wear it during the winter, at Mes Habits Chéris we help you create looks that will be perfect for you by combining different seasonal clothes.

Keep reading and find out how to wear a white dress in winter , perfect for dressing up in the office or for a sophisticated dinner party. Here are all our fashion tips for adding a little white dress to your wardrobe.

Wear a white dress with black

One ​​of the most traditional but also the most beautiful combinations for a white dress in winter is pairing it with black clothes. Black leggings and a black jacket will give your look an elegant and sophisticated touch; another way to break up the white of your dress is to add a black belt which will break up the garment, making it look perfect for more informal looks. Don't be afraid to play with your accessories.

For example, if you want a more rock touch with your white dress , you can accompany it with a nice perfecto or leather leggings that will create a sexy rock image. Be bold!

With camel-colored clothes

To choose the right shade of camel, adopt the most neutral shade possible. Gone are the camels with grayish or yellowish shades that remind you of your club chair picked up at the flea market. Instead, go for the dark and light ranges to match your dress and your accessories.

It's perfect for going to work or to create a casual look. You can combine a camel-colored item such as a sweater, a knit jacket or a coat and then dress it up with black leggings.

Another option is to complement using camel color:camel boots, handbags or belts that will give a very warm and modern touch to your style.

With white clothes

This year, the big fashion is the total look, a fashion that is based on chromatic homogeneity through a unicolor and elegant style. Therefore, an option to combine white clothes will be to do it with more white clothes:a white blouse, a white hat, white boots…. All in white! Go for the total look! On your feet, take out your python print shoes!

With burgundy

If you want to know how to wear a white dress in winter , you can count on one of the colors of the season:burgundy . This color combination will give your look a sophisticated, wintry and feminine touch, perfect for any celebration. You can choose to dress with a burgundy coat or accessories to use this color:burgundy earrings, rings, scarves or handbags. The result is spectacular!

With military green

If you want a more informal and brighter look, you just need to combine a white dress in winter with an army green item of clothing, be it a jacket, cardigan or sneakers. military boots. The military color will contrast with the elegance of white giving it a perfect touch to wear every day.

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