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How to wear a backless dress?

Whether in summer or winter, backless dresses are very sensual. Some women hesitate to wear them, finding them too daring. Still, a backless dress is a great choice for heading out to a formal event or a fancy night out. To wear a backless dress with elegance, you just have to choose your accessories and underwear carefully.

Discover in our article, all our tips for knowing how to wear a backless dress depending on your morphology. How to accessorize a backless dress with elegance?

What morphology for a backless dress?

The backless dress may intimidate some women. For example, some hesitate, wondering if you can wear a backless dress with a large chest? Others on the contrary will not dare because the chest is too small when in reality it is the ideal dress to highlight a small chest. So how to wear a backless dress according to your morphology?

If you have an H body type (long, slender figure with a low waist and aligned hips and shoulders), you should avoid dress cuts that will mark your waist. On the contrary, you must wear straight cuts. So choose a backless dress with a straight cut.

If you have an X body type (thin silhouette and aligned shoulders and hips), backless dresses are made for you. The tight suits you well and you can opt for a backless dress with a plunging neckline to highlight your back.

If you have an A body type (well-defined waist, opulent hips, shoulders narrower than the hips), you must draw the eye to your bust. Choose a flared but not too plunging backless dress. Opt for more colorful models on the chest.

If you have a V body shape (square shoulders and a sporty figure), you need to emphasize the lower body. To do this, opt for a backless dress with an trapeze shape and do not mark the waist too much. Choose dresses with flowing materials.

If you have a figure 8 body shape (pulpy silhouette, generous chest and wide hips but marked waist), you must emphasize your waist and highlight your neckline. So choose a fitted backless dress with a beautiful neckline.

If you have body type 0 (narrow shoulders, wide hips, curves and little marked waist), bet above all on backless dresses with fluid materials. In summer you should have a wide choice of backless dresses that will be perfect for your body type. Choose straight cuts and avoid flashy prints. Bet above all on sobriety.

If you want to go further, you will find valuable advice in our article Dress well according to your morphology.

How to wear a backless dress?

The backless dress is particularly suitable for certain formal events. Wearing a backless dress for a wedding and you will certainly be sophisticated! During ceremonies, we particularly like backless lace dresses . However, they also have the advantage of being worn in summer in casual mode for day and night looks. Light and comfortable, they come in all kinds of summer models.

Here are some rules you absolutely must follow to wear your backless dress with elegance. How to choose your jacket, your underwear, your shoes etc. The editorial tells you everything.

The backless dress:what jacket to pair it with?

  • If you're going to a formal event, wear a fitted blazer instead
  • If you wear a backless dress in the evening, you can choose to accessorize it with a perfecto for a modern and trendy look
  • In summer, the denim jacket goes perfectly with a little fluid nude dress

What bra with a backless dress?

Obviously with a backless dress, there's no question of skipping underwear. You need to choose a suitable bra that will maintain your chest and highlight your cleavage. Here is a list of bra for backless dresses :

  • The adhesive bra is perfect if you don't have large breasts. It sticks to the breasts and your back is therefore perfectly bare.
  • The low back bra is a great choice for large breasts that need support. It ties around the belly at the lower back and is therefore completely hidden under your dress.
  • The transparent back bra. If you don't like the idea of ​​wearing cups or not having support in the back, you can choose this type of bra but know that even if the back of the bra is transparent, near it is not totally invisible.

What hairstyle with a backless dress?

If you have long hair, we recommend flipping your hair up so you don't lose the interest of the bare back. Here are some tips to adopt to find a hairstyle that will highlight your bare back :

  • Choose a hairstyle that will bring your hair back to the top of your head
  • Make a simple and sophisticated bun
  • Try twists or braiding to add elegance to your look

If you don't like to lift your hair, however, opt for hairstyles that will show part of the bare back. For example, you can do a nice braid on the side.

What jewelry to wear with a backless dress?

As the bare back is already ultra sensual, it is necessary to bet on discreet jewels with a minimalist style .

Bet above all on simple but elegant jewelry and forget the bling-bling accessories. You must bring some chic to your outfit:a fine and delicate bracelet, dangling and fine earrings, a beautiful ring.

What shoes to wear with a backless dress?

Same rules as with jewelry, we choose elegant shoes but which will not overshadow the backless dress.

Two options depending on the occasion you will wear your dress:

  • A backless dress for a chic evening :we adopt high heels
  • A bare back dress for a summer look:opt for sandals or trainers to be comfortable during the day and take out wedges and heels for the evening

If your dress has a print, opt for plain shoes.

Where to buy a backless dress?

Whether you're looking for a backless party dress or a backless formal dress , you will find many models on sites like Asos or Zalando .

You will have very pretty backless dresses at Mango which will be perfect for a chic and glamorous evening outfit.

In conclusion

You can wear a backless dress in both winter and summer. It is suitable for both daytime outfits and chic evening outfits.

How to wear a backless dress?

  • Choose it according to your morphology
  • Choose suitable underwear (adhesive bra, low back bra, transparent back bra)
  • For a chic evening, heels are essential with your open back dress
  • For a casual outfit, you can choose to wear sneakers or sandals in summer
  • Wear little jewelry but choose refined and elegant pieces
  • If you have long hair, prefer a hairstyle that will clear your back by doing a bun, a braid on the side or twists.