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What evening dress to choose to be chic and glamorous?

You are invited to a fancy party and don't know how to dress? What woman hasn't experienced this problem?

Reassure us, we are all the same. Very quickly excited at the idea of ​​finding the perfect evening outfit to which we are going, we begin to ask ourselves a thousand questions. Although our closets are full of fashion nuggets, we undeniably hesitate between such and such an outfit. Am I going to be too sexy? Not classy enough? Skirt or dress? Dress or pants?

So how to be elegant without overdoing it? Discover all our tips for mixing a touch of elegance and a touch of modernity and finding how to dress for a chic evening . Which dress to choose? What to wear to a party when you're plump? How to accessorize your evening outfit?

The most chic evening dresses

To feel beautiful and find the perfect chic dress, you are spoiled for choice:strapless dress, long draped dress, sequined dress or cocktail dress with cut skater… Some sites like Asos offer you a multitude of cuts and evening dresses. Pinterest is also a great way to find inspiration for your holiday outfits. However, some models are perfect for any woman wishing to go to a chic evening. Here are the dresses that will be unanimous for a successful chic evening.

The timeless little black dress

The timeless little black dress is now available in several hundred models. From the short version to the long version, you will find them with necklines, short sleeves, long sleeves, petticoats and many more. You will understand, depending on the style you like, you will easily find the perfect black dress to wear for a chic evening .

If you want a change from black, know that the navy blue dress is also perfect for chic events.

Trendy evening dresses in 2020

This season, you have the choice between several very trendy cuts and materials:

  • midi cut dresses: in the style of chic ladies, this cut of dress highlights your silhouette and goes perfectly with high heels. A very current and sexy model is the blazer dress with a midi cut
  • skater dresses that mark the waist in an elegant way
  • wrap dresses chic with oversized shoulders or gigot sleeves reminiscent of haute couture dresses
  • wrap dresses tightened at the waist
  • empire dresses
  • satin dresses
  • dresses with sequins or sequins
  • leather dresses
  • lace or chiffon dresses
  • backless dresses

Pants for a chic evening outfit

We think very quickly of adorning ourselves with our most beautiful dress when it comes to dressing chic for an evening . However, women's trousers for an evening outfit can be a great choice. Just choosing it well and accessorizing it well can get the desired touch of elegance and stand out very quickly from the others.

What pants to wear for a chic evening?

Tailored pants are definitely the most suitable for a chic event. For example, you can choose a black suit and combine it with a sexy cropped top, a silk or lace top. Make sure to wear it with noble materials and wear high heels.

Another trend is to choose a color suit (suit jacket and pants). White is immediately very noticeable but you can also choose a color like red, royal blue or even purple, the color of the season!

The jumpsuit is also very refined because it hugs the curves perfectly and elongates the silhouette. To be chic and glamorous, choose it with a bare or lace back. It must be fitted and well cut. Wear it with thin strappy pumps and you'll be sexier than ever.

Finding your evening outfit when you are a curvy woman

Do you have a few shapes and don't know how to dress for a fancy party? It's not always easy to find an evening outfit when you have curves .

However, there are many outfits to highlight your curves in an elegant way. When you have a figure 0 (i.e. wide hips, rounded buttocks and a luscious chest) certain cuts are particularly suitable.

  • If you opt for a dress:choose a wrap dress or an empire dress with a pretty neckline and preferably solid colors. Accessorize it with a fitted jacket. Always opt for light and fluid materials so as not to weigh down the silhouette.
  • If you opt for a skirt:assume your curves and dare the pencil skirt which is definitely chic and feminine! You can also turn to models of flared skirts
  • If you opt for pants:these must be high waisted and in plain colors (we forget the prints). Favor dark colors on the lower body. Pair it with a fluid V-neck top or blouse

The right accessories for a glamorous evening look


Jewelry dresses up a woman and an outfit in seconds. You may have the most beautiful dress of the evening, if you associate it with jewelry that does not go with your dress, it is a guaranteed fashion faux pas. Which jewelry to choose for a chic evening outfit?

Bet on sobriety and elegance! choose one or two jewels that you will wear and do not multiply the accessories. Opt for quality jewelry rather than quantity. A beautiful ring adorned with a stone, a thin but shiny bracelet, pretty dangling earrings or even a discreet necklace to highlight your neckline.


Key piece of your look, shoes are very important and will enhance your outfit in the blink of an eye. Although we recommend high heels for more elegance, you can also choose flat shoes if you feel more comfortable. What is important is above all to choose clean shoes with a beautiful material such as leather, suede, etc. For example, a pretty pair of patent derbies will be just as elegant as a pair of patent heels. You can also choose flat but shiny or nicely trimmed shoes with discreet and chic sequins or shiny details.

If you are petite, still prefer heels to lengthen your figure. It is not necessary to wear 10 cm heels but at least to have a medium heel to look taller.

Choosing the handbag

The perfect choice to enhance your evening outfit is to opt for a clutch! Exit large format bags, tote bags, etc.

The bag is a key piece of evening wear and comes to dress the latter with refinement. What could be better than a pretty clutch adorned with sequins to highlight her beautiful black jumpsuit?

In conclusion:

  • The perfect evening outfit doesn't have to be a dress! It can also be suit pants or jumpsuits, think about it!
  • If you opt for a dress, you can choose a timeless little black dress or opt for very modern trends such as the wrap dress or the skater dress. Choose satin or satin materials. lace or velvet to be at the top of the glamorous attitude.
  • If you have curves, choose wrap dresses and wrap dresses because they will highlight your figure.
  • Finally, be sure to choose the right accessories:beautiful, quality jewelry but very little jewelry, a nice, stocked clutch and a shiny pair of shoes.