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How to dress for a chic evening?

The little black dress, a safe bet for all chic evenings!

Whether you are invited to a restaurant, a chic party with friends or a wedding, the little black dress is always relevant. With it, you are sure not to make any bad taste. Do not hesitate to invest in a branded little black dress, made in a quality fabric. It will accompany you for years, and will always be perfect. For a chic and elegant look, remember to choose your dress according to your morphology:if you have wide enough shoulders, opt for a dress with small sleeves, and short enough, to highlight your legs; if you are plump, opt for a fluid and glamorous dress...

And if you dare the evening dress?

Want to be a star for a night out? Opt for a real princess dress that will highlight your neckline, your legs or your slim figure. To you long and vaporous dresses, strapless dresses always very glamorous... For a chic and trendy look, do not hesitate to find your dresses at the designers. If your budget does not allow you to buy the dress of your dreams, the trick is to rent it. This evening is the perfect opportunity to treat yourself!

Chic evening:bet on accessories

Whether you have chosen an evening dress, or a simple little black dress, it is important to complete your look with carefully chosen accessories. For a chic evening, we will bet on discreet jewels, but which have their little effect. Take out your most beautiful earrings, your shiniest necklaces... But keep in mind that it is better to choose a very pretty piece of real diamond jewelry rather than several junk pieces. Don't forget the shoes, which are one of the key elements of your evening. Of course, heels are in order! But there's no need to opt for 15 cm heels if you can't walk in them. Not only will your feet suffer all evening, but your gait won't be very elegant. Better double avoid!