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How to dress for a bohemian chic wedding? Tips and looks

Always so trendy, the bohemian chic wedding theme continues to seduce many couples season after season. If you too have friends who have chosen to get married bohemian chic , you're probably wondering what the hell are you going to wear? Don't worry, you'll find lots of advice and good look ideas for a bohemian chic wedding in this article!

The bohemian chic wedding:a natural and relaxed style

As much in terms of fashion as decoration or, as far as we are concerned, wedding theme, the bohemian chic trend is unavoidable . The bohemian style seduces by its authenticity, its natural elegance and its relaxation:we forget the ultra-stilted codes of black tie weddings and we favor natural things, softly colored and, above all, which give a breath of freedom to the ceremony. Bohemian chic style dress codes reflect a free, creative and sensitive state of mind and therefore favor fluid cuts and materials, which in no way hinder the movements of the body.

You will understand, the bohemian atmosphere is rather relaxed , but that’s still no reason to lose sight of the formal aura of marriage. This is also why we talk about "bohemian chic and not just "bohemian"!

What to wear when you're invited to a bohemian chic wedding?

Now that you visualize a little better what a bohemian chic wedding can look like , it's time to get down to business:how to dress for a boho chic wedding ? Our tips for finding the perfect outfit.

Preferred cuts

Overall, we avoid fitted cuts and favor fluidity by focusing on natural and fine materials , which will ensure a delicate fall to your outfit. Some synthetic fabrics like viscose or satin can also work, but make sure you choose good quality ones!

For a bohemian chic wedding we obviously really like the bohemian chic dress that goes down to the feet, a great classic of the genre, but also midi skirts pleated or skater, trouser jumpsuits , and even dresses and short skirts , why not!

Be sure, however, to choose something that will highlight your figure. If you are rather small, for example, bet on a short bohemian dress or a short skirt, and avoid the maxi-dress which can tend to pack the silhouette. If your waist is marked, go for a high-waisted midi skater skirt:worn with a simple lingerie-inspired tank top, it's very elegant and perfect for a bohemian chic wedding .

The pants option (jumpsuit or suit) can also be a nice alternative to the boho chic dress, really perfect for this wedding theme, but provided you choose the right fabric and the right colors or patterns.

The colors we love for a bohemian-chic wedding

The colors precisely, we come there. Bohemian chic spirit is above all turned towards nature, so we take care to choose natural and rather light colors .

We avoid the black outfit, too dark for the bohemian chic theme , as well as aubergine, navy blue, midnight blue, forest green, and more. On the contrary, opt for warm and delicate shades like yellow, orange, red why not… Little tip:ask yourself, when choosing your bohemian wedding outfit chic , if you have ever seen this color in nature. If the answer is no, it's not in the theme.

Floral patterns:the must of bohemian chic

The bohemian chic style strongly inspired by hippie fashion, floral patterns are real must-haves , which, to top it off, are particularly trending right now. We really like very big colorful flowers, on a dress, a skirt, a jumpsuit or even a suit, but the small Liberty-style flowers are just as pretty. Morpho tip by the way:the smaller you are, the smaller the patterns you should wear!

Bohemian chic look for bridesmaid

In case you are bridesmaid for a bohemian chic wedding , be sure to wear something quite elegant. We recommend, for example, a beautiful flowing and straight dress in silk or powder pink crepe, with a few embroidered flowers, why not. Another tip, be sure to check out the other bridesmaids - it's best if your outfits match in the photos!

What accessories to choose to be bohemian chic?

Once you have chosen your outfit, all that remains is to select the right accessories for a bohemian chic wedding look . Overall, we advise you to stay sober:bohemian chic hates bling bling ! Several fine bracelets on the wrist, a pretty floral headband, dangling earrings or an accumulation of fine necklaces will be more than enough.

Same observation for shoes:bet on simplicity! We love wedge sandals and those with small block heels at the moment, especially the metallic models, which will bring a touch of sophistication to your outfit.