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Wearing the sleeveless cardigan well:tips and ideas for looks

The sleeveless vest is an ultra-stylish piece, which (as always) should be chosen according to your morphology and your own style. There are different cuts and, above all, different materials and you should have no trouble finding your happiness. We take stock of the most stylish sleeveless vests of the moment, and we give you some ideas for looks with a sleeveless vest !

The leather vest:your sewing ally

Which leather vest for your body type?

Timeless and undeniably chic, the sleeveless leather vest is a very good option in many situations . From the casual-chic working-girl look to the haute couture outfit, the leather vest and its different versions adapt brilliantly to all styles and, we are delighted, to all morphologies.

In terms of shape first of all, the sleeveless leather vest can be found either in a straight version, or in a fitted version, possibly belted.

Sleeveless straight-cut leather vest , will go very well to women who do not have the marked size as well as rounds. Conversely, the belted model is rather adapted to morphologies with a marked size, which it will enhance nicely. Anyway, you will have no choice but to choose leather of excellent quality, and rather flexible to avoid making you look cramped. In this case, you can dare the color:fir green or burgundy or even brighter colors like the latest Gucci red leather vest that we have seen worn by fashionistas.

Gucci sleeveless leather vest via mycompanero

Gwen Stefani

Look ideas with a sleeveless leather vest

We told you, the sleeveless leather vest will clearly be your best ally to propel your everyday looks into haute couture outfits. Demonstration.

  • Short skater skirt + white blouse + sleeveless leather vest e+ pumps:chic and preppy look
  • Wide-leg tailored pants + voluminous sleeve shirt + belted sleeveless leather vest + moccasins:the trendiest working-girl outfit of the moment
  • Flowing, floral dress + sleeveless leather vest + sandals or cowboy boots:trendy and bohemian for the weekend

The long sleeveless cardigan:casual and trendy

The long sleeveless vest:for whom?

Generally made of cotton or fine knit, the long sleeveless cardigan is an easy piece to wear every day, and which adapts as well to the chic register as to more casual looks. Be careful though, it is not for everyone. It is better to avoid indeed if you are rather small or if your hips are quite marked. The knee or calf length, the one that we see most often on long sleeveless vests, is much better for fine morphologies and rather tall women.

How to wear the long sleeveless cardigan?

Very easy to wear, the long sleeveless cardigan can be worn exactly like a long cardigan with sleeves, that is to say with almost anything you want. We give you some ideas.

  • Flowing bohemian dress + long sleeveless cardigan + white sneakers:bohemian and feminine look for the weekend
  • Slim jeans + romantic fluid blouse + long sleeveless cardigan + leather ankle boots:chic-casual for any occasion
  • Straight tailored dress + long sleeveless cardigan + pumps:elegant and trendy at the office

The faux fur sleeveless cardigan:the winter must-have

Who can wear the faux fur vest?

While it has become timeless over the seasons, the faux fur sleeveless cardigan is not a piece that suits everyone however. Do not forget that fake fur (like real ones by the way), is a thick material that tends to grow... Skip it if you are rather plump. We also advise you to avoid it if you are small, the large volume of this type of room can quickly make you look packed.

Outfit ideas with a sleeveless faux fur vest

Here are some ideas for looks with a faux fur vest .

  • Wide leg jeans + turtleneck + leather biker jacket + sleeveless faux fur vest + sneakers:casual and trendy for every day
  • Faux leather mini dress + faux fur vest + pumps:stylish evening look without overdoing it
  • Paper bag shorts + XXL white shirt + sleeveless faux fur vest + leather boots:glam-rock day or night!