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10 tips for well hydrated skin

Healthy skin is first and foremost well-hydrated skin. If you want to have a radiant epidermis, you must know all the techniques to ensure the hydration of your skin on a daily basis. In this guide, we give you tips that you can apply to carry out this operation. You just have to choose the method that suits you best. You can also alternate them and see which works best for you.

Drink water

The term hydration is directly related to water. It is therefore obvious that to have a well hydrated skin, it is necessary to drink water. The recommended minimum for one person is one and a half liters a day. This is equivalent to eight medium-sized glasses of water. The way to drink depends on everyone but the ideal is to do it little by little, one glass every hour. It is of course possible to take more. However, we must avoid overdoing it otherwise the body may no longer be able to retain certain minerals useful for its development. If you drink enough water a day, you can already ensure that your skin is well hydrated, although other special care is also necessary to perfect your beauty.

Healthy eating

It’s about eating a balanced diet and adopting good nutrition habits. In addition to respecting the hours to eat, you must also choose the foods that will help you to hydrate your skin. In general, it is fruits and vegetables that you should favor at the expense of meats and other products. For example cucumber, watermelon, melon, citrus fruits, kiwi, etc. are perfect for hydrating the body and skin.

Choose your cosmetics wisely

You have the choice between different products and various brands offered on the market. The ideal is to read the composition on the bottle before selecting your treatment. This will allow you to avoid products that contain chemicals such as parabens and other substances from petrochemicals that have no action on the skin and can even be harmful. Also look at the active ingredients present such as vegetable oils and the rate of organic and natural ingredients before deciding which products to buy. The Belle au Naturel box is, in our opinion, a good alternative to discover organic quality care, made in France while saving money.

Apply your moisturizers daily

For treatments to have good results, they must be applied correctly. Take the treatment in sufficient quantity, and apply it daily by performing a circular massage, while going up to the top of the face. The eye contour deserves specific care because the skin is thinner on this part of the face.

Make a moisturizing mask every week

The moisturizing mask, thanks to the active ingredients it contains, deeply nourishes the skin. It therefore offers essential protection against skin dryness. There are many organic and natural brands that offer very effective care. There are also homemade mask recipes with fruits (strawberry, kiwi, banana, avocado, etc.), vegetables (cucumber, carrot, tomato, etc.), vegetable oils (almond oil, olive oil , baobab oil, etc.), honey, yogurt, and many more.

Cleanse your skin morning and evening

Whether you wear makeup or not, the skin on your face still needs to be thoroughly cleansed at the end of the day. This action removes makeup or pollution residues to let the skin breathe. You can use a lotion based on floral water or vegetable oil to cleanse your skin and optimize its hydration.

Hand cream and lip balm

During the day, even if you apply moisturizers from home, your skin can still dry out. We advise you to always have a moisturizing hand cream and a lip balm with you. It is not a question of redoing a whole beauty, but only of taking a hazelnut on the fingertips and tapping on the areas that are starting to tug. You can also use gelled water for this operation.

Get enough sleep

Although it does not seem to have a direct link with the hydration of the skin, sleep is important for revitalizing it. Sleep, if possible, eight hours a night. In this way, your epidermis will regenerate. This will also give it time to properly absorb the creams and treatments that you have applied in the evening at bedtime.


When you exercise, you move, you sweat and therefore you eliminate toxins. You will tend to drink more water and your skin will be better hydrated. The pores will be rid of impurities, so they can better allow the moisturizing products that you use to penetrate.

Limit or avoid what dries out

Several external factors can cause your skin to become dehydrated. It can be pollution, wind, cold, dry air, dust, etc. As it is impossible to avoid them, you can limit their impact on the skin. To do this, you just have to cover yourself well and not expose yourself too much by wearing a hat, for example. Other factors of skin dryness are the products used:shower gel, soap, etc. If you experience adverse effects, stop using them. But other factors come from within ourselves; these are products that we consume, such as alcohol, tobacco, etc. It is then enough to reduce or stop their consumption.