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6 Tips for a Beautiful Complexion in Summer

Summer is here, and with it high temperatures that often make our skin shine. And I don't know about you but on my side, I must admit that this season, I wear much less makeup. But then how to display a sublime, golden complexion that does not shine while remaining natural?

Tip #1:Stay hydrated
For starters, you need to stay hydrated. Yes ladies! Drinking 6-8 glasses of water a day will brighten your complexion and make your skin more radiant.

Tip #2:Beauty Oil
We also put away our day cream and replace it with a dry oil to apply. The dry oil provides deep hydration without leaving a greasy film. It is also a real shield against dehydration since it prevents water from evaporating. Its advantage? It can be used on all skin types, so don't hesitate!
Why not try, for example, the illuminating light oil from Beautanicae? With this oil, your skin will regain radiance and suppleness and your complexion will be slightly tanned.

Tip 3:slow makeup
We lighten the make-up, under penalty of seeing everything dripping and having the skin which shines.

Put away your foundation to make room for a concealer. Indeed, the concealer is the secret to light makeup in summer. At this season, the skin is always a little tanned, it is useless to use a foundation. Since only small imperfections remain, a concealer is enough. And when you go for a swim, you can do some touch-ups!

Tip 4:Brighten your eyes
If you want to brighten your look, you can possibly put a little concealer. Simply apply with your finger.

Tip 5:Keep your good habits
It's summer, of course, but you have to keep good habits. Thus, we do not forget every week to exfoliate in order to eliminate small dead skin. For this, we use a natural exfoliant or we use an organic product such as, for example, the excellent Gentle face exfoliant from LADY GREEN. It will clean your skin, remove impurities and imperfections. Your complexion will be brighter and cleaner.

Tip 6:Protect your décolletage
Obviously we apply the same treatment to our neckline to give a homogeneous and elegant effect.

Have a nice summer, and don't forget to stay naturally beautiful!