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Exfoliating body scrub ritual to prepare your skin for the sun

By nature, tanning is accompanied by a drying out of the epidermis. When the skin remains under the sun, it also undergoes the aggressions of ultraviolet rays. To have beautiful golden skin (and not end up in crayfish red mode!), the skin must be well prepared and cared for, before and after tanning. Here are some tips to follow.

Protect the skin upstream with beauty supplements

Tanning requires preparation. On average, care to prepare the skin should be started 10 days before going to settle in the sun by the sea or by a swimming pool. The operation consists in optimizing the protection of the skin with beauty supplements which will also facilitate obtaining a golden complexion.

To do this, there are exfoliating treatments and exfoliation. These two steps make it possible to prepare the skin before tanning and to maintain baby skin after tanning.

Scrub exfoliation is a kind of support for the cell renewal process. It optimizes the elimination of dead skin on the surface. Because although we perform skin cleaning operations, there are always cells that resist and cling to the epidermis. They prevent the skin from aerating well and are responsible for poor evacuation of sebum. They can also dull the complexion and block the positive effect of tanning.

The goal of exfoliation is to obtain clear, supple and light skin. It is also an effective solution to solve ingrown hair problems.

The operation should be done about twice in the week before tanning for people with normal skin. We advise those with sensitive skin to exfoliate the face once a week only.

After exfoliation, it is necessary to moisturize the skin well. It is also advisable to nourish the epidermis before going for a tan.

The power of natural exfoliants

There are exfoliating products on sale from professionals in drugstores. They have their effectiveness and their particular properties. It is also possible to use natural exfoliants which are easy to use and less expensive.

Among these natural products, there is honey . Known for its various virtues for well-being and health, it is rich in vitamins and minerals and is particularly regenerating.

Sugar is also an effective exfoliant. Its grains make it possible to eliminate dead skin. Easy to use, this product contains glycolic acid which ensures non-abrasive exfoliation.

The use of scrubs with fruit extracts to exfoliate the skin is also highly recommended by professionals. The fruits have a high hold in plant enzymes. These are perfect for gentle, grain-free exfoliation. Fruits that have pits or seeds are also effective antioxidants.

Another perfect product for exfoliation and exfoliation:black soap . Black soap is a natural product made from olive oil and crushed and salted olives. It is also a perfect moisturizing and cleansing solution.

Coffee grounds also allows you to exfoliate. Ecological and safe, the use of this rather special type of product is easy. However, it must be mixed with coconut oil or aloe vera gel to lighten its effect and optimize its effectiveness.

These natural products can be used before or after tanning. They allow to keep a sublime and silky skin with a perfectly tanned complexion.

The areas to favor and the parts of the body to preserve when exfoliating and for tanning maintenance

The application of products for exfoliation and peeling varies depending on the targeted area.

On the various parts of the body where the skin is rather rough such as knees, heels or elbows, an energetic exfoliation is necessary . These areas are indeed frequently prone to the accumulation of dead skin. These residues become harsh black spots that are difficult to remove for lack of a good exfoliation.

Other parts of the body where the skin is more sensitive and thinner require more gentle treatment. This is the case of the neck, groin or face.

It should be noted that the private parts, which are very delicate areas, should not undergo any exfoliation treatment.

Whatever the area to be exfoliated, always stimulate blood circulation by massaging with gentle circular movements.

Make your tan last

At the end of summer, some people still manage to make their tan last. Everyone can have their beauty secrets. In the majority of cases, the basics for maintaining the tan remain the same.


This is one of the main basics of tan maintenance. Well hydrated skin can, in fact, keep its tanned complexion longer. To do this, you must drink a sufficient quantity of water according to their daily needs. It is also necessary to apply various moisturizers to the skin which are rich in vitamins E and C and antioxidants. These help fight against free radicals. It should be noted that the hydration of the epidermis must be done after each tanning session.

Prolonged care

There are products on the market designed primarily to prolong the tan. Some are for use on the face, others for the rest of the body. There are also extended treatments that can be used for the whole body. They are provided with a good dose of moisturizing active ingredients which maintain the complexion of the skin and which take the place of the body cream.