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Sublimating oil, the star of the summer

Summer is the season when everyone can enjoy the sun, heat, wind, nature and various outdoor activities. The body is therefore more exposed than usual. To avoid the undesirable effects of the sun's rays, wind, etc., it is essential to take good care of your body. This allows you to always feel light and in good shape. Among the products recommended by beauty and well-being professionals, there are sublimating oils. There are those intended for hair, limbs, skin, face, body, etc.

Why use oil in summer?

Summer is the hottest time of the year. Despite wind and sunburn, the body tends to dry out faster than usual. The use of a sublimating oil of vegetable origin then makes it possible to satin the skin but also to nourish it and also nourish the hair.

You don't have to wait until you have crocodile skin to treat yourself with oils. The ideal is to use it to prevent different kinds of skin problems. These are products that are not only practical but also multifunctional. They are excellent for pampering. Oils are generally effective natural antioxidants and they are rich in various nutrients. They therefore envelop the skin and protect it against various external aggressions.

In most cases, botanical beautifying oils are suitable for all skin types. They can even be used for the care of delicate skin.

What type of oil for summer and why?

As soon as summer arrives, oils take their place in creams and body milks. These are not suitable for the needs of the skin especially during the summer season. People mainly use dry oils. They have a multifunctional side and therefore they can be used for various purposes. They adapt without problem to the body, the face but also to the needs of the hair. They are also attractive thanks to their captivating scents and satin finishes that magnify the tan of the skin.

The penetration of dry oil is faster under the epidermis compared to normal oil. Thus, it does not leave a greasy film. This type of oil is also composed of an assortment of several oils full of benefits for health and well-being. In addition, organic dry oils are generally multi-purpose. They can be used simultaneously for the whole body. Rich in active ingredients, the dry oil provides everything the skin, hair and face need for the summer. They ensure hydration and they also soften and nourish in depth. The use of a dry oil is also recommended thanks to its anti-aging properties. But the particularity that makes dry oil an effective solution for the summer is its texture. As the name suggests, dry oil is dry. Oily to the touch, the oil becomes fluid once applied and therefore penetrates easily under the skin. This allows you to have a satiny and sublime skin but which has no greasy film. This is not the case with conventional nourishing oils.

How to use dry oil on body, face and hair in summer?

Thanks to its non-greasy texture, it is possible to use dry oil to sublimate the skin in summer in different ways. During the morning or evening beauty routine, the user can always add it among his flagship products. By using this type of oil, it is possible to put on clothes or put on make-up without the risk of shining all day.

Dry oil to sublimate the body and face

The application of dry oil on the face is simple, two or three drops are enough. They must be mixed in the palm of the hand and then applied directly by making small massages. The oil can be used in the morning before starting the day or in the evening before going to bed. It is necessary to insist on the chin towards the ears, the bridges of the nose towards the cheekbones and along the jawbones. For those who like to perform the washing technique, they can opt for a dry make-up remover oil before the toner. The application on the rest of the body is similar to that of the face. A small dose for each part is sufficient and the ideal is to make small massages to optimize the penetration of the oil so that it can sublimate the skin. The sublimating oil for the skin is particularly recommended before a tanning session under the sun.

Dry oil to enhance hair

There are two options for those who wish to use dry oil to enhance their hair. They can use it as a mask or as a daily care product. In both cases, the oil can be used alone without mixing. It is also possible to cut it with other products according to needs and desires.

As a mask, to have the sublimating effect, the oil must be applied in large quantities. A break of at least an hour is then necessary to optimize its effectiveness before shampooing. It is even possible to do the oil bath all night and shampoo in the morning.

In daily treatment, it is necessary to insist on the application on the lengths of the hair and the ends. She feeds them and sublimates them for the day.

Which beautifying oil to use for summer?

The choice is vast in terms of sublimating oil for the summer. There are those who opt for vegetable oils obtained from cold or hot pressing and those who choose oils transformed into parapharmaceutical products.

In general, the most used sublimating oils are those based on coconut, sweet almond, jojoba, shea and carrot. There is also grapeseed oil, sunflower oil, buriti oil or even karanja oil. Each of them has its particular properties and virtues and the user can choose one or make mixtures according to his needs.