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The bandana print:a summer must-have

After oversize clothes , puffed sleeves, flashy jewelry and wedge sandals, it's the turn of the bandana print to comeback this summer!

Timeless accessory, the bandana and its "paisley print » transforms to the rhythm of the times to blend in with fashions.

Sometimes the muse of the cowboy, rock'n'roll attitude and finally star of hippie and 90s looks, the bandana print is available for the first time throughout the women's wardrobe. Shorts, pants, skirts, dresses and jackets, the paisley print becomes the sought-after touch of style for a streetstyle look casual and modern.

We no longer wear it just as an accessory but as a trendy print this season :in jacket, pants, t-shirt or as a simple fashion accessory, the bandana print is more hype than ever.

How to wear the bandana print this summer? How to embrace the bandana print trend in her looks?

What is the bandana print?

The bandana is a square of cotton canvas that is worn around the neck or head. Very easily recognizable, the bandana print is a mixture of flowery and colorful ethnic patterns called paisley pattern .

We already saw him a lot last year but he is everywhere this summer.

The origin of the bandana

Imported to America by Hispanic settlers, the bandana very quickly became the flagship accessory of cowboys, who used it to protect themselves from dust.

It is later adopted as a fashion accessory by the hippies in the 70s. Then it became a symbol of belonging to certain groups such as bikers, rockers, rappers and sportsmen and finally became widely democratized in the 80s.

The advantage of this print? It adapts to all styles of clothing:from gypsy fashion casual style , to streetstyle looks , bohemian and chic, the scarf print is very easy to wear.

How to wear the bandana?

The bandana:a fashion accessory

Until then widely used as a scarf for the neck or the hair, it is also worn on hats. In a simple elegant band on a boater or in total print on a trendy bucket hat, it will give you a modern touch in no time.

You can also wear the bandana print as a belt , in a scarf tied around the wrist, in a scarf in the hair still in durag for a streetstyle version super trendy.

Wrap it around your neck or tie it on your handbag for a personalized touch.

Bandana print on clothing

Today, to be at the forefront of fashion, we wear the print of the moment on our clothes. In total look for the most daring on pants or a dress but especially in fashion touch on an outfit:skirt, belt, top, blouse etc.

For a healthy dose of chic, opt for a silk bandana blouse .

The scarf print worn on silk is simply beautiful and very sophisticated.

Conversely, to play it casual, pair it with jeans, the star material of casual looks .

Looking for a casual look? The oversized denim jacket is a fashion piece that is particularly suitable for mixing with the bandana print. Patched on the back or on the front pocket, denim is perfect for daring prints on a trendy fashion piece. Overalls, denim skirt or denim dress, the possibilities are numerous...

The traditional bandana is often red, black or white. For more fantasy, dare new patterns and different colors. It will add whimsy to your outfits and color.

Do you like chic looks? The bandana print also adapts to dressier looks . For example, you can wear it over a satin blouse or over an elegant croc-top version with high-waisted trousers.

The bandana print on the shoes

The trend does not stop at clothes and goes so far as to invade our shoe wardrobe. We dare a revisited summer look with wedge sandals with a bandana print.

The bandana:the star print of the summer

This is one of the key pieces of the summer look. We wear the bandana style for a walk on the beach, for a coachella, look but also in gypsy mode girl with a sublime long and flowing dress.

You can also simply tie a bandana scarf on a wicker basket or a beach bag.

In summary:

  • For a trendy summer look, opt for the bandana print.
  • Wear it as a total look or as a fashionable touch, as well as in clothing and fashion accessories.
  • Headband, scrunchie, bandana tied to the bag or wrist, belt, etc.
  • The bandana print is not only worn in black, white or red but in all colors.
  • For a chic touch, opt for an item of clothing or an accessory in silk or satin.
  • Go for bandana print shoes to upgrade a basic look.

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