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The bralette:new must-have piece of lingerie

In terms of lingerie, there are endless models today. From balconette bras to push-ups and sports bras, there are options for all breasts and all styles. This year,the new lingerie piece which capsizes both men and women is the bralette !

This underwear is not only a comfortable lingerie item but it is also a real fashion piece that dresses up a chic outfit in no time.

How dare you wear the exposed bralette without being vulgar? For which types of breasts is this piece of lingerie suitable? Here are all our fashion tips for wearing bralettes in style !

What is the bralette?

His name is very strange, we grant you! However, the bralette is the new trendy piece of lingerie to have in your dressing room.

Where does this strange name come from? This fashion neologism is derived from the word "bra" which means bra in English.

The bralette is a very refined bra without underwiring or cups, which hugs the curves with elegance. Composed mainly of lace, microfiber and/or cotton, it is fine lingerie that is comfortable to wear. It is very light since it has no underwire.

This piece of lingerie is all the rage this year and women have adopted it not only for its comfort but also for its style. Because yes, the bralette is above all an underwear but it is also a fashion piece that adapts to different styles.

It can be worn hidden under an outfit or exposed for a glamorous and trendy look. It is even rather intended to be seen, unlike the classic bra whose primary mission is to support the bust.

Who can wear the bralette?

This type of underwear will not suit all breasts because its triangular shape follows the natural shape of the breasts. To wear this type of lingerie, you have to be a little comfortable with the shape of your chest.

But the bralette is more suitable for small breasts since it is devoid of underwire and padding. If you are looking for what clothes to wear when you have small breasts, now is the time to try this lingerie! On the other hand, if your chest is heavy, the rendering will not necessarily be very pretty.

4 trendy ways to wear the bralette?

Under a blouse

To wear the bralette in semi lingerie mode, semi fashion piece, you can choose to put it under a slightly transparent oversized blouse or by letting your lingerie appear in a discreet and refined way.

This style will be perfect with jeans for a casual chic outfit. Thanks to this lingerie detail, you will immediately be very elegant.

Under a sheer top

If you like to play with transparency and materials, layer a completely transparent top over your bralette .

To do the exercise in style, opt for tops with a modern cut such as a top with balloon sleeves or with oversized shoulders. This will give a couture effect that will bring chic to your outfit and tone down the sexy spirit of your exposed bra.

With a tailor

The suit is very trendy this year. We love it for its undeniable chic. Worn with apparent and assumed fine lingerie, your look will become ultra glamorous in no time.

For an evening look, you can opt for a black suit with a sexy lace bralette black. The white color is also very nice under a black suit, but less discreet.

Under a tank top

For a casual but sexy look, the combination of a lace bra and a loose or unstructured tank top is very interesting.

Choose a tank top with a round neck, leaving a little lingerie visible at the back or on the sides. You can also opt for a tank top with a plunging neckline if your bralette has a nice detail at the bust.

In sportswear mode

The bralette is incredible for adding a sexy touch to a sportswear look. Combine modern cut joggers with your underwear to add femininity to your sporty look.

In retro mode, on a t-shirt

Remember the looks of the 90s where teenage girls wore dresses with spaghetti straps over their t-shirts! You thought this fashion completely outdated? Well no, brought up to date by some designers during Fashion Week, you can also choose to wear your bralette over a basic piece like a white t-shirt for example.

Take an example from the fashion bloggers who have mastered the art of wearing the bralette with elegance.

In summary:

The bralette is a piece of lingerie that can be worn as an accessory. So you can very easily match it to different clothing styles. Keep in mind that this is an undergarment that is better suited to small breasts because it has no underwire.

How to wear a bralette with style ?

  • Wear it under a tailored suit for a chic outfit
  • For a casual look, let your lingerie appear discreetly under a shirt
  • In summer, choose a tank top with a loose fit that will show part of your lingerie.
  • The bralette is perfect with a sportswear look, worn with jogging pants and a stylish sports jacket.