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6 steps for a perfect complexion!

Ah the beauty of the complexion! This is one of the concerns of all women. Indeed, who does not dream of a uniform, radiant and natural complexion? Besides, sometimes all you need is a radiant complexion to shine, nothing more is needed. So my mission for the day is to advise you on how to camouflage stains, small pimples, signs of fatigue and other imperfections. So you will shine while remaining naturally beautiful.

Obviously, this will not be done without make-up, but above all, do not overlook the care, which will treat in depth and over the long term. The goal is not just to conceal and correct, but to do everything to achieve beautiful, natural skin. So here are some of my tips:

A perfect complexion in just a few steps

First step, cleaning

Yes, cleaning is essential to take care of your skin and have a perfect complexion. And can you imagine applying make-up on skin that is still made up? It's a bit like if you decide to put varnish on nails not rid of the old varnish... It would not be really great, right?! And then, cleaning your skin well allows you to free yourself from all impurities, but also to prepare it for the next steps.
To do well, your usual make-up remover, making sure that it is suitable for your skin type, or simply wake up your skin with a tonic water provided you have removed your make-up well in the evening.

Second step, hydration

I can't tell you enough, moisturizing is one of the most important steps, it protects and nourishes your skin, so you slow down the effects of time on your face. In addition, good hydration will allow you to have makeup that really holds!
But here too, you will need to find a moisturizer that will suit your skin perfectly. Normal skin will choose a lightweight formula that will provide suppleness and comfort. For combination or oily skin, a fluid and why not mattifying cream will be ideal for reducing shine. As for dry skin, adopt a moisturizer rich in soothing active ingredients that will retain the water contained in your skin.

Third step, neutralize imperfections

For a perfect complexion, the most important thing is that the base is clean and refined. You will therefore have to "cheat" a little and hide your dark circles, pimples or redness that sometimes appear. To do this, you need to use a concealer or concealer (like bo-ho green's ORGANIC CORRECTOR) one shade lighter than your foundation.
To apply it, it's simple, you just have to put a little product on your finger and tap the areas to camouflage. Be careful the "tapping" and important stunner, never spread your concealer it would amount to having a totally failed camouflage.

Fourth step, unify the complexion

Now let's move on to complexion makeup! Here too, you need to find the ideal foundation! The one that best matches your skin tone. Little tip for a natural complexion, choose the foundation that is closest to your natural skin color. To apply your foundation correctly, all you have to do is first heat the material on your hand to make it easier to work with. Then, place small amounts on your skin like when you were little with the cream that your mom applies to you. That is, in the middle of each area of ​​your face, forehead, net, cheek and chin. Then, blend it outwards from the face, stretching as much as possible to avoid lines. And do not forget your neck it would give an unnatural result.

Fifth step, concealer for a flawless complexion

Yes, there too, you can reuse a concealer (like bo-ho green concealer) to add a touch of light. To do this, apply it to the inner corner of the eyes, on the sides of the nose and under the chin. Be sure to blend the concealer well by tapping for an even finish.

Sixth step, the powder

In order to keep a radiant complexion all day long, you will now have to finish with mattifying or bronzer powder depending on the desired effect. The mattifying powder will give you a velvety finish, while the bronzing powder will give you a sunny glow effect.
For this step, use a large brush instead, so it will give a light result. Simply apply a little powder from the inside out, but be careful to tap your brush before you apply the powder this will avoid "clumps" and excess powder.

So now you are dazzling, while looking naturally beautiful.

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