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The highlighter:the essential for an illuminated complexion

Among the essential makeup products, I name the highlighter . In powder or liquid form, the one we call "the illuminator is a real face illuminator. The beauty addict can't live without it.

To enhance daytime make-up or to obtain highlighted evening make-up, here is how to use highlighter on the face .Which brush to apply highlighter ? How to choose it according to your skin? We explain everything to you.

What is a highlighter?

The highlighter, which means "stabilo" in English, is nothing other than a beauty product that highlights certain parts of the face .

Stars and makeup professionals swear by it. The highlighter is THE new essential beauty product to illuminate certain areas of the face.

Also known as illuminator among Frenchies , this little fetish product gives us the assurance of having a make-up worthy of the red carpets.

Another advantage of highlighting :it camouflages dark circles and certain small defects. Basically, it highlights certain areas to give a glowing complexion like contouring.

How to choose your highlighter?

Depending on skin type

Like every beauty product, the highlighter is chosen according to your skin type.

  • If you have dry skin, a liquid highlighter will be more suitable for your skin. Indeed, the powder highlighter tends to dry out the skin and dehydrate it.
  • If you have combination to oily skin, powder highlighters are perfect. But be careful not to put too much on the T-zone which already tends to shine.
  • For sensitive skin:again, women with sensitive skin will prefer to use a fluid or liquid texture.

Depending on skin tone

You will see that there are many highlighter colors now. Just as we will make sure to choose a self-tanner according to your skin color, we will also make sure to choose an illuminator that matches her skin tone perfectly.

  • For fair skin, we recommend using a nude or slightly pearly pink highlighter. All clear highlighters are preferred for a natural look. Ideal if you want a discreet nude makeup.
  • For dull skin, we prefer slightly warmer golden shades. Peach, coral and champagne can also be excellent choices.

The highlighter palettes are very practical because they allow you to find the ideal shade for you.

Highlighter, where to put it?

The illuminator has the power to highlight the area of ​​our choice on the face. To illuminate the complexion or simply to sublimate a made-up area, it can be used in different ways. Zoom on its different uses!

On the cheeks

You can use it as a blush to give a natural glow . Apply your highlighter to the bone of your cheek and spread a little with your finger or with a brush. You will see that the rendering will be very discreet and will highlight your look.

On the eyebrows

Toenhance your eyebrow line and highlight it, one technique is to apply your highlighter around the eyebrows . Apply below or above the eyebrow line, the illuminator has the advantage of creating a visual effect to lift the eyes or simply to thicken the eyebrows.

On the wings of the nose

To refine your nose, you can apply a little highlighter on the wings of the nose . This will brighten your complexion, but watch out for oily skin that may shine slightly. Best to avoid this area.

On the eyes

In make-up, we quickly learn that to enlarge the look and sublimate it, you have to put light color on the inner area of ​​​​the eyelid and that the dark one is applied rather on the outer corner.

With the highlighter, it's the same technique. If you put a little in the inner corner of your eye, you will light up your look in seconds.

Another tip:use highlighter as a concealer, especially to make up and hide dark circles!

On the lips

By applying a little highlighter on the top of the upper lip , you will illuminate your lipstick and sublimate the shape of your mouth.

It can also be used as a lip liner.

How to apply highlighter?

First of all, you should know that the illuminator is applied after the foundation . If you use a foundation base or BB cream, make sure to use it first.

Then, the illuminator can be applied directly with the finger or using a brush. It's a matter of preference.

  • If you choose a brush, the ideal is to take a highlighter fan brush .
  • You can also choose a ball brush or the Beautyblender sponge for an impeccable finish.

In summary:

  • The highlighter is a face illuminator.
  • It can be used in daytime make-up or evening make-up to highlight certain areas of the face.
  • It can be used on cheeks, mouth, eyebrows, chin…
  • We choose it according to your skin type and skin tone.