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5 essential treatments for a radiant complexion

Why have a beauty ritual?

Almost all women and even men are concerned about the beauty of their face and body. Not only to take care of their appearance but also for their health and well-being . This kind of routine allows you to take care of the skin and avoid all the problems it may have. If it already has problems such as pimples, signs of fatigue, stains, imperfections... the beauty ritual can reduce and hide them. The goal remains the same:to have a radiant complexion and to remain beautiful or beautiful.

To do this, we rush to make-up and other products to dress up nicely. Nevertheless, we must not forget that everything must start with care, which will be in-depth treatments with long term impacts. Finally, the goal of a beauty ritual is therefore not to conceal and correct but also to do everything to have beautiful natural skin on a daily basis. To achieve this, here are the steps of the routine to follow with the radiant complexion gift box from "Belle au Naturel" at 59.90€ including tax.

Remove make-up

This is a preparatory step for the skin. It eliminates all the impurities accumulated since the last cleaning. As the epidermis is forced to undergo all environmental aggressions (pollution, sunburn, cold, wind, stress, etc.), it must be freed from all this.

The perfect cleanse must be invigorating and must allow the pores to open without dilating too much. "Belle au Naturel" offers Oliv's organic silky cleanser and make-up remover gel.

Tones and exfoliates the skin

To properly tone and exfoliate the skin, it is best to use gentle solutions. This step is more of a weekly ritual than a daily one. It can be done once or twice a week. It ensures the tightening of pores and the optimization of its elasticity and regeneration.

To do this, the brand Olala! French Cosmetics offers us its organic firming face cream Prétentieuse with auriferous algae. It ensures a healthy glow while smoothing and firming the skin. For exfoliation, we recommend Melusine's hemp and gingerbread facial exfoliating treatment with gourmet scents. The latter eliminates dead cells and ensures a good unified complexion.

Hydrate the skin

Hydration is a critical step of the "Eclatant Complexion" beauty ritual. It nourishes the skin and optimizes its protection as well as slowing down the effects of time on the epidermis. It is also necessary to hold makeup for those who dress up. The goal is to ensure proper hydration of the epidermis. This step is to be done in the morning and in the evening or either in the morning or in the evening depending on the habits of the person.

On the Belle au Naturel eshop, we will find many varied treatments to properly moisturize our skin throughout the year.


For people who wear makeup, there are still a few steps to follow for a glowing complexion. To neutralize the imperfections that persist on the skin, they must camouflage them. It is a kind of concealment of redness, pimples, spots, dark circles, etc. Usually, this step represents what is called the base of makeup. It is even necessary for those who do not wear makeup but keep their skin clear. BB cream, corrector, concealer or others, you will find all our organic makeup in the organic makeup elegance box!

Things to remember

In addition to daily routines, the beauty ritual must also include treatments to be done from time to time. For example, it is necessary to exfoliate at least once a week. This step deeply cleanses the skin and removes all stubborn impurities. The choice of exfoliation products to buy depends on the type of skin one has. It is also possible to use DIY solutions. After exfoliation, a mask is also necessary. It is applied on well-cleansed skin. There the use of a product is not obligatory. It is also possible to do a steam bath. The objective is to open the pores to evacuate toxins.

We should also not forget that a daily detox cure helps the skin to remain radiant. To do this, you don't need any special products. Just drink enough water to get rid of toxins. Good nutrition by favoring fruits and vegetables is also recommended and it is necessary to avoid fatty foods, alcohols, spices, industrialized or processed products, products that are too sweet, salty or starchy, etc. All this contributes to a successful "Radiant Complexion" beauty ritual.