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10 recommendations to detoxify your complexion

Our skin is a reflection of our overall health. As a result, it will quickly be noticed that you are sleep deprived, that your food hygiene is not impeccable or that your skin is sensitive to its environment. Luckily, you can put into practice several very effective solutions to quickly regain a fresh complexion and wear a splendid mine!!
These methods work on many levels to detoxify and purify your skin. Here are concrete examples.

#1 Organic make-up removal

If you've swapped your synthetic makeup remover for an organic makeup remover, you're already on the right track. By ridding your skin of makeup, excess sebum and impurities due to pollution, you no longer add other questionable substances in the long term for your health.

If one day you run out of organic makeup remover (or that you are curious), do not hesitate to take a washable wipe on which you will apply a hazelnut of an organic vegetable oil of jojoba. Thus, a greasy substance will dissolve makeup more easily and leave your skin clean and nourished. Jojoba oil is often recommended for its rebalancing action and because it is suitable for all skin types, but you can also direct your choice to:
  • vegetable hazelnut oils for oily and combination skin
  • vegetable oils of avocado and borage for dry or mature skin
  • vegetable oils of rosehip and calendula for sensitive skin irritated by rosacea for example

#2 The facial sauna

Nothing is easier to perform and more beneficial than the facial sauna . The water vapor will dilate the pores and clean the skin in depth . In addition, this process has the advantage of optimizing the benefits of the care that will follow. To do this, you can use an electric facial sauna or the classic method of the face above the bowl of hot water that is covered with a towel.
To kill two birds with one stone, you can also add a drop or two of organic essential oil of your choice. Be careful, however, to choose them carefully because not all of them are recommended for inhalation, they could irritate the respiratory tract. We recommend geranium, tea tree, lavender and patchouli.

#3 Detoxifying mask &peeling

When talking about masks, we commonly think of clay and its many properties:
  • Green for oily skin absorbs excess sebum and purifies the skin
  • White is perfect for dry and mature skin because it gently cleanses
  • Rose is recommended for sensitive skin and brightens the complexion
But there are also other types of treatments that are just as effective, such as rhassoul, Dead Sea mud and masks made up of specific active ingredients. You will find on our eshop several masks with many virtues. Purifying, firming, anti-aging... we are spoiled for choice when it comes to taking care of our skin.

#4 The importance of water

We can't say it enough, water is necessary to stay healthy and to have beautiful skin . To eliminate toxins from your body and therefore "clean" your complexion from the inside, it is necessary to drink a sufficient quantity of water, on average 1.5 liters of water (the equivalent of 6 large glasses of water). Water helps cells get rid of toxins that remain there. It also allows their renewal and optimizes the rejuvenation of the skin.

#5 Conditioning products

Detoxification of the complexion also involves revitalization. To do this, we recommend the carrot. This vegetable is an effective detoxifier. You have the choice between taking it in a salad, as a main dish or directly on your skin. It reboosts the epidermis thanks to the beta-carotene and provitamin A it contains. It allows you to have a good look immediately.

#6 Hydrate the skin

External hydration is also necessary to properly detoxify the complexion. In addition to drinking plenty of water, you should also use moisturizers. BelleauNaturel presents a wide range of creams and moisturizers in its eshop. For home care enthusiasts, you can use natural products such as aloe vera. This plant is an effective moisturizer that can easily detoxify your skin. Just mix the gel and spread a thin layer on the face then rinse after a few minutes of break.

#7 Eating fruit

Some fruits have an effective detoxifying power . Kiwi or pineapple are examples. These fruits are rich in water and they are also antioxidants. You can take them as a dessert or as a snack during the day. For the kiwi, it is possible to make masks. The preparation is simple:you mix the fruit, you can add a little lemon juice and honey and spread the mixture on your skin. Rinse should be done with lukewarm water after a few minutes of rest. This type of detoxification should be done twice a week for very oily skin.

#8 Eat Vegetables

There are vegetables like endives, celery or beets that can boost complexion detoxification. These vegetables can be taken in different ways. You can make salad with beets and endives. You can also make smoothies with these products.

#9 A beauty routine to detoxify

You must adopt a beauty routine that optimizes your detoxification. To do this, you must start your day with a facial cleansing. Then continue the usual steps of your routine with treatments adapted to your needs while allowing detoxification. To help you in this process, belleaunaturel presents its radiant complexion organic box. Detoxifying, revitalizing or plumping treatments to detoxify and revive your complexion. For the evening, we need to cleanse and remove makeup from our skin to remove residue and let the skin breathe.

#10 Restful Sleep

When we talk about beauty, we always talk about sleep. Sleeping well allows you to have a radiant complexion and healthy skin that is always young. On average, an adult needs 8 hours of sleep per night to stay in top shape. It should also be noted that restorative sleep, that is to say sleep before midnight, is very important. This helps the cells to regenerate properly.

In addition to this indicated restorative sleep, rest during the day is essential. Take a few minutes between activities or even enjoy a weekly relaxation moment, all these little moments allow us to take care of our health and our skin. You will find our best advice on rest on our article:10 tips for taking time out.

Take care of yourself