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How to restore radiance to your complexion?

The summer season is a perfect and conducive time to get a radiant complexion . However, a luminous and tanned complexion is in preparation before the real installation of summer. Food, hydration but above all care, many factors come into play when it comes to taking care of our skin . We can use makeup to make her look radiant and look better. However, for a long-term result, actions of the care and treatment type remain to be preferred.

The scrub

To allow the skin to glow and fix a tanned complexion , it is necessary to get rid of dead skin . The best way to do this is the scrub ritual. . This step, of the beauty routine, must be carried out regularly to maintain your skin properly . However, its execution must remain moderate at the risk of weakening the skin tissue. On average, exfoliation is done once or twice a week.

The exfoliation method depends on our skin type and our real needs. Whether it is mature, acne-prone, dry, oily… exfoliation remains essential. But it is essential to choose care that is adapted to us . A mechanical scrub with grains or an exfoliating treatment with amino acids, the product must suit our needs .

Karethic's pineapple sorbet is the cleanser to prepare for summer. Enriched with pineapple enzymes and grand cru shea butter, this treatment gently exfoliates the skin. It turns into a foam on contact with water and rids the skin of all its impurities.

The mask

A good treatment mask is always saving for gray-looking skin . Repairing, nourishing, purifying… their active ingredients and virtues are innumerable. The effect of the mask on the skin depends on the active ingredients in its composition. A regular application is recommended for optimal maintenance. Just like exfoliation, the care mask ritual must be included in our beauty routines. And this, to set up a more regular execution , without however becoming frequent.

Summer calls for good hydration. To do this, we recommend the pretentious Sunday care moisturizing mask from the Olala brand! French Cosmetics. Its composition includes organic argan oil, organic cocoa butter and immortelle floral water to offer exceptional care . The presence of these active ingredients makes it a hydrating, nourishing and antioxidant treatment. To benefit from all its virtues, simply apply this mask in a thick layer on clean, dry skin. After a few minutes of rest, we can rinse the mask with clear water. It is also possible to leave a little product. These remains penetrate the skin to nourish and hydrate it deeply. After such treatments, the skin is ready to receive a summer complexion!


Hydration is essential to maintain your skin . By extension, this preservation makes it possible to keep a radiant and radiant complexion . Moisturizers are the basis formaintaining healthy skin . However, current seasonal conditions require lighter products . Indeed, the summer heat greatly solicits the sebaceous glands and pores for thermoregulation . Therefore, the care to be applied must be as light as possible to clear the pores. To concoct a well-hydrating beauty routine, we have listed 10 natural and organic moisturizers ideal for summer.

Hydration is a crucial step after exfoliation. And this, to be able to soothe the skin after having rid it of its impurities.