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8 tips to detoxify your complexion

The skin is a reflection of our overall state of health. As a result, it will quickly be noticed that you are sleep deprived, that your food hygiene is not impeccable or that it reacts to your environment. Luckily, you can put into practice several very effective solutions to quickly regain a fresh complexion and look splendid. These methods work on several levels to purify your skin. Here are concrete examples.

1# Make-up removal

To preserve the health of your skin, you must eliminate questionable substances, excess sebum and other impurities due to pollution on a daily basis. Make-up removal from the skin is essential every evening. Select an organic care preferably or opt for a make-up removal with vegetable oil. On a washable wipe, apply the organic vegetable oil that suits your skin. Being a greasy substance, it dissolves make-up and leaves your skin clean and nourished.

  • For sensitive skin, prefer sweet almond oil

  • For oily and combination skin, vegetable oil of hazelnut and jojoba

  • For dry or mature skin, vegetable oil of avocado and borage

  • For sensitive and irritated skin, rosehip and calendula vegetable oil

2# The facial sauna

There is nothing simpler to perform and more beneficial than the facial sauna. The water vapor dilates the pores and unclogs the impurities. This process therefore has the advantage of optimizing the benefits of the care that will follow. To do this, you can use an electric facial sauna or the classic method of the face covered with a towel over the bowl of hot water plain or embellished with a drop of essential oil of your choice. Be careful, however, to choose it carefully because not all of them are recommended for inhalation.

3# Detoxifying masks

When we talk about detoxifying masks, we commonly think of clay and its many properties:

  • Green clay absorbs excess sebum and purifies the skin

  • White clay gently purifies

  • Pink clay illuminates the complexion

There are also other types of equally effective treatments such as rhassoul, Dead Sea mud and masks made up of specific active ingredients.

4# Scrub

To have a radiant, flawless complexion, it is recommended to exfoliate once or twice a week. This gesture removes dead cells and allows the dermis to regenerate beautifully. For a better result, it is possible to perform a facial peeling in an institute. This process resembles a scrub, but it is deeper and allows the skin to regain a second youth.

5# Protect the skin from the sun

In summer, the sun is too strong and its rays can damage skin cells. It is therefore imperative to protect it by using, for example, make-up containing light sun protection. This type of product avoids overloading the skin with sunscreens. Before exposure, you can prepare your skin with a treatment containing carrot or urucum, active ingredients rich in carotenoids which act as a protector for the skin.

After exposure, protect your skin by carrying out an exfoliating and moisturizing ritual. The latter allows a more uniform and lasting tan. You can exfoliate with a horsehair glove on the less sensitive parts of the body and a gentle exfoliation on the neckline and face.

6# Adapt a balanced and healthy diet

It is no longer necessary to prove that diet has an impact on the skin. It should therefore not be neglected if you want to keep your complexion always radiant. Fruits and raw vegetables are to be consumed without moderation as well as foods rich in beta carotenes such as melon, red pepper, apricot, carrot...

7# Stay hydrated

For toned and firm skin, the golden rule is good daily hydration. The ideal is to drink 1.5 liters of water or pressed fruit juice per day. Indeed, the more you hydrate, the faster you eliminate toxins present in your body. Finally, note that a lack of water can increase acne breakouts.

8# Cure of dietary supplements

Detox cure or beauty cure, food supplements are also a complementary method to detoxify your complexion, give your skin a boost or fill a deficiency. On the other hand, it is necessary to choose the food supplement according to its needs

  • For a detox cure, choose natural plant extracts such as black radish, desmodium, milk thistle or artichoke.
  • For a beauty cure for the skin, choose food supplements based on Wheat Germ or Borage.
  • For a purifying cure for the skin, zinc-based food supplements are to be preferred
  • For an anti-aging cure, choose, for example, a food supplement based on natural Hyaluronic Acid extract (usually from wheat).