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How to properly moisturize your skin on a daily basis?

Hydration is the key to youthful and healthy skin. Many faces suffer from early wrinkles or deep skin imbalances due to insufficient or inappropriate hydration… The good news is that you can avoid this pitfall! Veld's tells you how to properly moisturize your skin.

Why moisturize your skin?

The skin is made up of 70% water:without it, its entire balance collapses . This skin hydration rate varies according to natural evaporation and the ability of the superficial layer of the skin to retain water. The latter is mainly ensured by the hydrolipidic film:made up of sweat and sebum, it forms a protective barrier on the surface of the epidermis which limits the phenomenon of Transepidermal Water Loss (PIE). To find out more, read our article:Why moisturizing your skin is essential.

By abuse of language, we tend to say that you have to “hydrate your skin”. In reality, it is essentially to prevent tissue dehydration and to hydrate the surface layer to maintain the integrity of the surface film. To do this, we think of hydrating our skin from the inside by drinking at least 1.5 liters of water a day and we give it a boost with appropriate beauty products!

Choose the right moisturizers for your skin type

While all skin types need water to remain beautiful, not all have the same degree of requirement (that would be too easy)! Also, to obtain visible and lasting results, it is essential to hydrate your skin by moving towards treatments enriched with active ingredients that target the problems of each skin type.

Do you have dry skin? Choose enveloping creams of the water-in-oil emulsion type. Combination to oily skin will opt for light formulations with keratolytic or sebum-regulating properties. Sensitive skin, on the other hand, will go for rich and anti-inflammatory care.

If you have mature skin, use a moisturizer that gives pride of place to anti-aging active ingredients, such as our Age 2 cream. O!

Bet on regularity

Moisturize your skin, yes, but not just any way, or anytime! When it comes to hydration, regularity is king . No question of applying your cream every other day or of neglecting make-up removal on the pretext that you come home late and that your bedding is making eyes at you. Your skin will thank you!

To do things properly, apply your cosmetics morning (protect) AND evening (to fix). Be sure to combine water and fat, balancing the intake according to your skin type:lipids do not hydrate, but they have precious anti-dehydrating properties! Once a week, or more if dehydration is present, replenish your hydration by offering your skin a mask with hyaluronic acid.

Adapt your care to the specific needs of your skin

Your skin is alive:it changes over time, reveals imbalances in the body and reacts to external factors. It is for this reason that its needs – particularly in terms of hydration – are bound to evolve during the year, and this throughout your life. No beauty routine is set in stone:it's up to you to take the time to regularly analyze the condition of your skin and decipher its reactions to give it what it needs .

Pay special attention to your surroundings , including the seasons and your living environment. In winter, the harsh climatic conditions attack the epidermis and involve opting for richer and cocooning textures than in summer. Likewise, for those who work in an air-conditioned or overheated office, it will be a good idea to deeply moisturize their skin and slow down losses by evaporation by inserting a deep hydration serum under their day cream.

Start layering

Layering is a traditional 7-step beauty ritual that comes straight from Japan. It consists of superimposing the layers of cosmetic products in a clearly established order (generally from the most fluid to the richest) to maximize the retention of water in the cells and hydrate the skin in depth .

Each layer of this "millefeuille" is complementary to the previous one and reinforces its benefits. Results ? A lily complexion, plump and radiant!

  1. Dissolve makeup and pollutants with an oil (evening only).
  2. Remove greasy residue with a mild, foaming detergent.
  3. Fight the harmful effects of hard water with a lotion.
  4. Boost hydration levels with a watery serum.
  5. Treat your eye contour with a dedicated treatment.
  6. Seal in moisture with a day or night cream.
  7. Apply a lip balm. There you go!