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Here's how to take good care of your cashmere sweater on a daily basis!

Because caring for your cashmere sweater fetish to make it a real comfortable sweater in which you can curl up all winter (while preserving its silky appearance) is no small feat, Biba explains how to wash and maintain it without a hitch with tips from experts in the field:Carole and Stéphanie, the founders of the brand specializing in cashmere , Atelier Kujten.

How to pamper your cashmere sweater?

A real small business, caring for your cashmere sweater everyday requires a few precautions and reflex gestures:having a (very) light hand on the laundry, mastering unpilling , know which program to use in the washing machine AND how to dry it without damaging it. If this first experience of washing a cashmere sweater seems as delicate as this highly appreciated material, Atelier Kujten organizes free maintenance workshops for cashmere sweaters (all brands combined) at its Flagship Victor Hugo in Paris!

To get there, simply register on their website and go to the following address:28/32 Avenue Victor Hugo, 75116 Paris

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