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How to succeed in your face massage?

You have surely already heard of it:facial massage has made its way into bathrooms, and tutorials are flourishing on the accounts of beauty influencers! And for good reason, the simple fact of massaging the skin, and especially the face, offers many benefits:smoother skin, a luminous complexion, regained firmness. So how do you get into facial massage? What are the good reflexes for a successful massage? Veld's tells you everything.

What are the benefits of face massage?

The facial massage , it's a real moment of well-being:to do in the morning and in the evening, in your care ritual, like a gift offered to yourself ! Although facial massage is relaxing, it is not its only virtue. Indeed, facial massage allows you to:

  • Prevent the appearance of wrinkles by eliminating micro-tensions
  • Brighten the complexion by boosting blood circulation
  • Fight against sagging skin by toning up loose areas
  • Reduce expression lines with targeted exercises
  • Relax, quite simply, by eliminating all the little tensions

Good practices for a successful face massage

Be regular!

We have seen it, the benefits of facial massage are many…. As long as you stick to it! Yes, the results of your massages will only be seen if the practice is daily. Ideally, perform a small massage in the morning, to energize the skin:you will thus decongest the eyes by reviving blood and lymphatic circulation, you will eliminate the "crumpled" side of the skin linked to the night, and give an boost to the complexion for a healthy glow. In two minutes, and with the right gestures, I promise, it works.

For the evening beauty routine, take more time:you will above all seek to eliminate all tension and tension that have become entrenched in the facial muscles throughout the day. Then you can do a massage dedicated to the treatment of expression lines , or loss of firmness. Five to ten minutes is ideal. Take this time to pamper your skin every day, and within a week you will already see the results.

Adopt a good skincare routine

Let it be said, if it was enough to massage the skin to eliminate any imperfection, it would have been known for a long time. The facial massage acts in synergy with a good care routine:the massage will reinforce the effects of your care, deploy their effectiveness, but it does not replace them. Therefore, to have the desired effects, always follow your usual skincare routine, morning and evening:remove make-up from the skin if necessary, cleanse it, and apply a moisturizing and/or nourishing treatment according to your skin's needs.

Massage only comes at the hydration stage , and never before:your moisturizer will allow you to massage the skin without creasing it and without creating friction. It will be more elastic and supple, and will thus be able to better receive the massage practiced. In addition, take advantage of your evening massage to apply a richer cream , like our Pure Pulp Neo:this will allow you a prolonged massage, and will give your skin everything it needs to recharge its batteries at night.

Veld's tip for a gentle massage? A dab of vegetable oil adapted to your skin type. Dry skin will appreciate avocado oil, normal skin almond oil, and combination to oily skin jojoba oil.

Accessories for a successful facial massage

Have you ever practiced facial massage? If you want to get started without having to worry about a tutorial or a sophisticated gesture, there are accessories designed specifically to massage the skin . We present to you the most popular!

Facial massage rollers, for a relaxing massage

While browsing social networks or reading a magazine, you may have come across a strange object:a small stick with an oval stone at each end, with a small stone on one side, and on the other, a larger stone. This is called the jade roller .

These rollers, made of semi-precious stones, are designed to gently massage the face. The stone gently rolls over the skin to release tension and smooth the tissue . The large stone is ideal for the chin, cheeks and forehead, while the small stone massages around the mouth and eyes. In addition, the semi-precious stones used (often jade, but also rose quartz) would also have virtues for the beauty of the skin.

However, be careful when choosing your facial massage roller :some brands work with fake stones. It is therefore better to order from a specialized brand recognized for its products.

The Gua Sha, the perfect accessory for an anti-slackening facial massage

The Gua… what? The Gua Sha, real 2021 beauty trend , comes straight from Chinese medicine. It is a flat stone, often jade or rose quartz, which is passed over the skin. Objective ? Smooth and tighten it, in particular by passing the stone along the meridians , to stimulate circulation lymph, blood, but also and above all, energy.

The Gua Sha, like the massage roller, is very pleasant to use and allows a real moment of relaxation. Above all, it will help tighten the skin and fight against sagging skin. Used daily after your moisturizer , you will quickly see the results. Small precaution:some manufacturers of Gua Sha, as for the jade roller, work with false stones. Here again, be careful when choosing your equipment.

More sophisticated devices for a successful anti-wrinkle massage

If the Gua Sha and the facial massage rollers already help fight wrinkles, there are other accessories that offer targeted action. The list is long, so we won't be exhaustive, but let's see some examples!

For starters, some brands offer acupressure sticks . Generally in metal, sometimes in stone, these are small sticks with rounded ends that are gently slid over the skin, and with which we will stimulate all the acupressure points on the face, in order to tighten the skin and prevent the appearance of new wrinkles . To eliminate established wrinkles, other brands specializing in high-tech products offer vibrating brushes that eliminate toxins from the skin, and allow you to work on wrinkles thanks to vibrations.

Finally, there are simpler but proven accessories, massage cups, firm, round sponges that are rolled over the face... or even our Eye Magic anti-wrinkle massage brush to massage the contour of the face. smooth eye!