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Anti-aging massage:rejuvenate your face naturally

When we talk about massages, we immediately think of those intended for the body. But did you know that your face also loves this little attention? Done well, self-massage of the face even has many rejuvenating benefits. Discover 5 tutorials concocted by Veld's experts to perform an ultra-effective anti-aging massage!

Preserving your skin from aging with an anti-aging massage:is it possible?

The simple act of touching your skin and manipulating it can work wonders and solve many skin problems! In addition to rebalancing hydration and playing on the radiance of the complexion, self-massage helps lift the face by strengthening the muscles that support the skin , boosts its firmness and promotes the disappearance of wrinkles. And to top it off, it's the perfect ritual to release tension at the end of the day...

The difference with facial gymnastics? Here, all the movements of the anti-aging massage for the face are done with the hands! We rely on precise gestures executed by the fingers :stretching, pinching, smoothing, ironing... It is the daily repetition of these movements that will allow you to observe a marked improvement in the appearance of your skin.

5 anti-aging massages to try at home!

Your anti-wrinkle massage should always be done with a moisturizing treatment that facilitates glide :thus, the movements remain soft, without risk of wrinkling the skin. Choose cosmetics rich in anti-aging active ingredients that will multiply the virtues of your facelift session:

  • Normal to combination skin:we recommend the deep hydration anti-aging cream.
  • Dry skin:the Age Commando balm will allow you to enjoy a longer, pampering massage.
  • Mature skin:opt for our shock treatment, the Age Killer cream!

Anti-aging facial massage to revive microcirculation

The secret to a fresh, rosy complexion ? A blood microcirculation of the thunder! With age, fatigue and pollution, it is common to see your face blur and turn gray due to poor oxygenation of the cells. A highlighter to compensate is good; but an energizing self-massage carried out according to the rules of the art is better!

  • Place both hands on each side of your face, on the lower cheeks, then stretch your skin several times towards the temple, with a dynamic movement. Do the same with your forehead, this time directing the movement upwards, vertically.
  • Gently squeeze the skin of your cheekbones between the pulp of your thumb and index finger:slightly turn this small fold of skin to the left, then to the right. Release, then repeat this ritual, gradually moving up towards the temples. Doll's cheeks are yours!

Prevent double chin with lymphatic anti-aging massage

The double chin appears as a result of sagging skin and an accumulation of fat cells. However, the lymph circulation also has its part to play in the phenomenon. Fortunately, Japanese beauty guru Chizu Saeki has developed an anti-aging massage technique of her own to boost lymphatic circulation and maintain a well-defined oval !

  • Press the thumbs of both hands under your chin, then slide them on each side of the mandible until you reach the lobe of your ears
  • Using the tip of your thumb, locate the small hollow behind the ear, at the start of the lobe, then apply light pressure on it
  • Place your fingers flat just below the ear, then lower them all the way up the neck to the base, towards the shoulder
  • Repeat these steps for about 5 minutes.

Anti-wrinkle eye massage:decongest and brighten the look

The eye contour is the area most sensitive to aging . Very thin and devoid of sebaceous glands, it is put to the test by our thousands of blinks a day. No wonder it quickly finds itself studded with fine lines, puffiness and dark circles! All the more reason to give it special attention, by adopting an adequate anti-aging massage.

  • Place the tip of your index and middle fingers at the inner corner of your eye
  • Go up along the bone of the nose, and follow the brow bone until you reach the other corner of the eye
  • Continue descending and make a semi-circle under the eye, following the contours of the eye socket, until you return to the starting point, then repeat about ten times
  • Press the tip of your index finger to the outer corner of the eye, and perform small circular movements for a few seconds.

Erase small wrinkles around the lips with a targeted massage

Like the eyes, the lips are a particularly fragile area exposed to wrinkles . Their aging can be precipitated by the recurrence of certain behaviors, such as the consumption of cigarettes or the abuse of pouts. Quite stubborn, these little unwanted wrinkles are easier to prevent than to cure:so take action now with an anti-wrinkle massage!

  • Position your hands on either side of your mouth, and tap vigorously with the pads of your fingers, moving up and down alternately 3 centimeters
  • Then place the tip of your index and middle fingers on the cupid's bow, then make very small circular movements. Continue in this way all around the mouth
  • Finally, pinch the wrinkled areas between your thumb and index finger, in a motion perpendicular to the fine line you want to reduce.

Express forehead anti-wrinkle massage

The wrinkles that take up residence on the forehead and between the eyebrows (the famous lion's paw, which is charming only in name) tend to make us look tired... or grumpy. To say goodbye to the crumpled mine and find peaceful features , follow this little uplifting circuit for a minute, stopwatch in hand!

  • Pinch the skin that connects your eyebrows between your thumb and forefinger, then smooth it with both hands flat, stretching it outward with movements in opposite directions. Repeat the sequence for about ten seconds.
  • Place the fingers of your two hands facing each other flat on your forehead, at eyebrow level:perform a sliding movement in the direction of the muscle fibers, i.e. upwards, until your hairline. Once at the end, take off your fingers then return to the starting point to start the movement again for 30 seconds.