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Which face mask to choose for your skin?

Have you ever thought about integrating a face mask into your beauty routine? This concentrated treatment allows you to treat your beauty problems with rapid results. A real boost for your skin! Faced with an ever more varied offer, it can be difficult to make your choice and know which face mask to choose. Don't panic, Veld's gives you its expert advice for a mask that will sublimate your skin every time.

The magic of the face mask

In our toilet bag, we all have favorite treatments. Treatments that make us feel beautiful immediately. Very often, the face mask is one of these favorite treatments! The principle ? A formula rich in active ingredients , which is applied in thick layers on the face, before leaving for a few minutes. Thanks to the targeted active ingredients and the exposure time (which allows the product to penetrate perfectly), we obtain particularly satisfactory results.

That's all the magic of the face mask:when our skin looks sad, presto, it offers a little boost, to leave with glowing skin . As we told you about in our article “How to apply your face mask? “, the key to success is to exfoliate beforehand. Exfoliation will open the pores , to release toxins and excess sebum, so that the skin can absorb the mask without hindrance. All you have to do is apply it with a brush and you're done.

Whatever… No, there is still one detail to settle:the choice of the right mask! Because yes, to enhance your skin with a face mask , you have to choose a specific mask targeted for your skin type, and your beauty issues. Let's take a quick look.

Which face mask to choose according to your skin type?

A blackhead face mask for skin with imperfections

If the blackheads are the burden of combination to oily skin, it nevertheless happens that one is concerned even with normal or even dry skin. They have this annoying tendency to settle on the T zone (chin, nose, forehead). The sebaceous glands are more numerous there, which is why we have all already had blackheads on our noses. They can manifest themselves in a period of stress, fatigue, overeating... Or simply in the face of an unsuitable beauty routine.

Say stop with a blackhead face mask target ! The star active ingredient is of course vegetable charcoal. Purifying and sanitizing, it is perfect for regaining clear skin. Prefer pine charcoal, which is particularly suitable for combating imperfections.

Softness with a special dry skin face mask

It tugs, itches, reddens, cracks... Having dry skin is not pleasant. This particularly fragile skin requires daily care:a moisturizing and above all nourishing cream (read rich in lipids), gentle cleansers and make-up removers. . But when, despite everything, your skin doesn't seem to want to get any softer, there's the face mask!

Nourishing active ingredients are legion, so you are spoiled for choice:shea butter, calendula, avocado... If your skin is particularly reactive, prefer natural face masks , with organic and quality ingredients.

A hydrating face mask for tired skin

Looking at your skin in the mirror, do you find it dull? Does it pull without being dry? Are your wrinkles more marked than usual? It is quite possible that your skin is dehydrated. This can happen quickly in the face of fatigue, stress, extreme temperatures, or a care routine that is too low in water. To recharge the batteries and immediately restore radiance to your skin , give yourself 15 minutes to make a face mask.

At Veld's, we designed the Pure Pulp Neo gel as a day cream, but also as a moisturizing mask. Its extracts of condurango bark and centella asiatica are perfect for regenerating your skin . Apply it in thick layers, leave on for 15 minutes, and you'll have soft skin and an even complexion!

Purifying active ingredients for oily skin

When you have oily skin, the main problem is shine. Indeed, having shiny skin can create aesthetic discomfort, but also prevent make-up from staying on. It can also lead to blemishes:pores get clogged with excess sebum, creating pimples and blackheads. Nothing very pleasant then.

To sublimate oily skin, it is necessary to remove excess sebum in order to matify it. It's the best way to reduce shine and prevent blemishes. Good news, there are face masks for oily skin very effective:those with green clay . The clay will absorb fatty substances, while cleansing the skin. A matte and even complexion is yours.

Veld's tip:when you apply your clay face mask and it starts to dry, wet your face slightly . You have to keep the clay moist to prevent it from being too harsh and ending up drying out the skin.

An acne face mask to say stop to pimples

Acne giving you a hard time? It can be particularly troublesome when it sets in on a daily basis. If there are different types of acne , such as retentional acne or hormonal acne, there is fortunately a whole range of solutions.

To choose your face mask against acne, you can opt for a recipe with nettle, burdock, or even salicylic acid. These active ingredients have proven themselves in pimple-prone skin. If, despite face masks and a targeted skincare routine to treat your acne, you can't overcome it, don't hesitate to consult a dermatologist. Indeed, acne is a skin disease that can take mild forms, but also serious forms, causing many scars in the long term. If the problem persists, do not hesitate to consult a specialist .