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Victory for beauty:Eye Magic rewarded

For more than 15 years, the Victoires de la beauté have rewarded quality cosmetic products, with the help of a jury of consumers. On the occasion of the Victoires de la beauté 2019-2020, our Eye Magic eye contour treatment was rewarded! Discover this unique anti-wrinkle eye contour treatment.

Beauty wins:blind tests in real conditions

Created in 2003, the Victoires de la beauté highlight quality, effective and innovative cosmetics . Thus, each year, a jury of consumers sifts through many products, to find the best care.

What makes Les Victoires de la beauté unique is the test protocol:consumers test the product without seeing the brand , with the labels removed, so as not to start from preconceptions. They use it in real conditions, in their bathroom, between 2 to 12 weeks depending on the type of product.

Of course, consumers test products that correspond to their beauty issues, according to age, sex, skin type. Under these conditions, our Eye Magic anti-wrinkle eye contour was selected by the jury, among the best products 2019-2020 .

Eye Magic:the best anti-wrinkle eye contour

Our Eye Magic anti-wrinkle eye contour has been designed to decongest the eyes, act in a targeted manner on expression lines around the eye area , and firm the skin. In the form of a transparent, dense and creamy gel, it hydrates the eye contour and reactivates the proteins essential for the tone and elasticity of the skin.

Its plus? A wide, dense brush applicator that provides a massage adapted to the eye contour area:gentle and non-aggressive for fine and fragile skin, but sufficient to activate micro-circulation and smooth wrinkles.

Applied morning and evening, it refreshes and rejuvenates the look , for quick visible results. To get the most out of your Anti-Wrinkle Eye Magic, apply it in a figure-eight pattern around the eyes with the brush. You then activate the entire area around the eye, in a single gesture. Are you still hesitating? You can find the opinions and comments of the jury who tested Eye Magic anti-wrinkle on the Eye Magic page of Victoires de la beauté.

Take care of your eye contour with Veld’s

At Veld's, we are committed to responding to all your beauty issues. Thus, Eye Magic is available in three distinct formulas:

  • The flexible anti-wrinkle gel presented above.
  • The silky eye lift gel:its lifting and restructuring action allows you to redraw the eyes, to gain in youth and freshness. The Eye Magic lift relaxes the muscles around the eye , which by dint of being contracted, remain tense. This is particularly the case for the contour of the eyelids and the area between the eyebrows, which quickly give a tired and severe appearance to the eyes. You find a relaxed, youthful and smooth look, in short, a lifting effect in a brushstroke!
  • The creamy illuminating gel:anti-dark circles and anti-puffiness, the illuminating Eye Magic gel contains kaleidoscope pigments, which blend into its moisturizing formula and into the epidermis. Thus, it erases in the blink of an eye all the defects of the eye area . Dark circles are significantly reduced, puffiness is decongested and eventually disappears. Give your eyes a boost of freshness and light!

Choose your formula and see the results! To perfect your beauty routine, you can find all our tips for a sparkling look in our Beauty Tips section.