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False eyelashes:the beauty accessory for XXL eyelashes

There are so many reasons to use false eyelashes ! Whether you have small eyelashes or want to enhance your makeup, false eyelashes offer an XXL look that does not go unnoticed. An undeniable beauty asset that adds femininity to your face!

Because yes, false eyelashes , are feminine and glamorous and can literally change the shape of your face by drawing the eye to your eyes. Whether you love voluminous false eyelashes or whether you choose false eyelashes discreet to enhance your eyes, it's an ultra-trendy make-up accessory.

How to choose false eyelashes ? What are the different types of false eyelashes and what are their pros and cons?

How to choose false eyelashes?

In the country, false eyelashes, it's like everywhere, we now have the choice between lots of different models. So, when you don't know anything about it, it's a bit difficult to know which type of false eyelashes to choose .

To see more clearly among the different choices available to you, here are the types of false eyelashes that you can find on the market.

Magnetic false eyelashes

This is the simple solution, the one where you can apply your false eyelashes yourself , without glue, or an appointment in an institute. An ideal choice when you want to enlarge your look for a day or to enhance your evening makeup.

Magnetic false eyelashes are synthetic eyelashes that come in fringe. As their name suggests, they are magnetic and you just have to put them on the eyelids to make them stick! A revolutionary little invention straight from the States (obviously) and that the brands have widely declined in different colors, volumes and lengths.

But be careful, why make it simple when you can make it complicated? There are several types of magnetic false eyelashes! Beyond the aesthetic aspect, which remains one of the first selection criteria, you can also choose the type of magnet you want .

Micro magnets along the entire length, magnets on the sides of the lash fringe, not all have the same characteristics. There are even some that can be applied as a duo with an eyeliner to better fix your false eyelashes to make-up .


Natural false eyelashes

They are surelythe most discreet . Less voluminous than synthetic false eyelashes, they blend more naturally into the mass of your original eyelashes. They are smooth and shiny.

Individual false eyelashes

This technique requires more time and concentration, since you have to apply your false eyelashes one by one . The advantage is that you can distribute your false eyelashes as you wish.

Tips for successfully applying false eyelashes

  • Applying a touch of mascara before applying false eyelashes will accentuate the volume effect of false eyelashes. The look is even deeper and the false eyelashes really go unnoticed.
  • Feel free to comb your false eyelashes before application to make their application easier.
  • If you find your false eyelashes too long , do not hesitate to cut them to give them the desired length.
  • Don't get the wrong meaning! Place the shortest lashes towards the inner corner of the eye and the longest towards the outer corner.
  • If you want a curled effect, use an eyelash curler.
  • To apply false eyelashes with glue, use tweezers to manipulate your false eyelashes, this will save you from getting glue on your fingers.
  • Still for glue-on lashes:start the application from the center of the eye then outwards and finish the finish in the inner corner of the eye.

How to remove false eyelashes?

Just pull gently to remove . Be careful to go slowly. If you feel that it resists, do not hesitate to pass a damp cotton.

Now you know how to choose your false eyelashes. If this option is nice, it does not allow you to keep your false eyelashes on you permanently. Unfortunately, every night they have to be removed. For a more durable (but much less economical) option, there is eyelash extension or permanent false eyelashes. For these last two, it will be necessary to go through the hands of an expert in an institute, especially if it is the first time.


In summary

There are several types of false eyelashes:

  • Magnetic false eyelashes.
  • individual false eyelashes.
  • Natural false eyelashes.