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Kawaii makeup trend:how to adopt it?

Kawaii fashion comes straight from Japan and Korea to offer us super colorful, fun and girly clothes and beauty products. On the make-up side too, there are amazing color palettes and dazzling products, each one cuter than the next. So as not to miss out on the trend of the moment , we explain what Kawaii makeup is and we give you the tips to adopt it.

What is Kawaii makeup?


Kawaii makeup comes from a Japanese and Korean (East Asian) fashion. The Kawaii style (cute in Japanese) presents a colourful, mischievous, playful universe where everything is turned into a super cute version of itself. The Japanese and Koreans have been totally addicted to this trend for many years. And Kawaii fashion has been coming to Europe for quite some time now. Asian skincare and beauty products are very famous, and Kawaii makeup items are generally of high quality, very attractive, aesthetic and fragrant.

Why opt for Kawaii makeup?

But why try Kawaii make-up, anyway? The main (good) reason to fall for this make-up is to indulge in creative pleasure full of fantasies . Most of the time, the colors offered for eye shadows, lipsticks, gels or blushes are simply adorable. From pastel tones to more vivid and shiny hues, it is very difficult not to crack! And we are surprised to want to try the Kawaii style and make up like a doll. Why not ? Today, the trends are for bold colors and women freed from shackles, so you might as well have fun.

Kawaii makeup:which products to choose?

For complexion

Here are some tips for choosing your Kawaii makeup products. For your complexion, prefer very light colors . Kawaii makeup must make you a doll with big eyes and dewy mouth. Often, skin tones lean all the way to translucent white. So always take a foundation lighter than your skin tone and apply it with a good brush. Remember to use blush , preferably pink, for your cheekbones.

For the eyes

The eyes should be well outlined with a black kohl pencil or with a bright colored pencil (green, orange, red, etc.). Remember to add an eye shadow in harmony with the color of your pencil or your eyeliner. And don't forget to color your eyebrows with eyebrow pencils adapted, from the Etude House brand, for example.

For the mouth

Your mouth should be prominent for successful baby-doll style makeup. You can choose matte or more glossy tones. We treat ourselves, for example, with a very shiny gloss and in shades of pink. And moisturize your mouth with nourishing lip balms .

Adopting Kawaii makeup:tips and techniques

Enlarge eyes

There are points to respect to have a really successful and fashionable Kawaii makeup. The first principle to adopt is to enlarge your eyes as much as possible. For this, the eyeliner is your ally:it helps to emphasize the contours of the eye and create an impression of enlargement. For this, do not hesitate to redesign your eye and applying white eye shadow to the inner corner and under the eyelids. Then, we apply a shadow of the color of your choice (we love pastel shades!). Use a high-volume mascara (on the upper and lower lashes) or false lashes , for a perfectly controlled look.

Prefer sparkling and shiny colors

Don't neglect the "doll" aspect necessary for a successful Kawaii make-up. To do this, use a product in your makeup that is glittery or very shiny. Liquid eyeshadow are perfect for feeling like a baby doll. The specialized range of Etude House , in pastel shades, is ideal. Finally, bet on pink . Whether on the mouth, cheekbones or eyelids, make sure you always have a dewy touch on your face.

Raise the cheeks

Remember to always raise your cheekbones so that they appear to be very high and very colorful . Korean (and Japanese) fashion loves blush. Use a nice blush in a playful tone and you're done!

Emphasize the mouth

Last point:your mouth must be chewable! For this, moisturize it a lot and often, with suitable balms. And then use glitter glosses and gels, for an awesome girly effect . The lip gloss is representative of the Kawaii style, but if you prefer matte tones, you can use them without problem.

Kawaii makeup is everywhere these days! No need to travel to South Korea to appreciate the Kawaii style. With our tips and advice, you can now adopt Kawaii makeup and treat yourself with pretty quality products, for a guaranteed baby-doll look!