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Tie and Dye:how to adopt the summer fashion trend according to Pinterest?

Tie and dye , that obviously speaks to you. You should live in a cave for having missed this trend resolutely anchored in the hippie trend . Skirts, t-shirts, shorts and even jackets. Our entire wardrobe has gone by the tie and dye fashion (even our hair), adorning itself with the most beautiful colors and sporting psychedelic patterns . We even learned how to make them on our own using bleach and elastic. Yes, fashion has no more secrets for us. However. Like all fashions , the tie and dye seems to have had its day and wants to pass the torch to its degraded friend .

Tie and dye:the succession is assured

We explain. You know the "ombré hair" , the technique of sweeping which consists in operating a gradient colors on your beautiful hair ? Well, here the principle is almost the same . Except it's not on your mane but on your clothes . As you will have noticed, this year and this summer, color is the star of our wardrobe . We want cheerfulness and it is successful. And if you don't know which color to opt for, this new trend spotted on bloggers like Carla Ginola , will help you wear several.. at once! Light on this trend that we have decided to call the "ombré outfit" (but that is ours alone).