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7 pieces to shop to adopt the lamé trend

Sequins aren't just for party wear ! With the very strong lamé trend of the moment, we can finally shine with a thousand lights day and night!

But be careful, to be stylish from head to toe with alamé garment , a few style lessons are in order. We opt for the right fashion piece, the one that is worn with glam and that helps put you straight into the category of stylish girls!

Let's see how to adopt the lamé trend in your everyday looks. What lamé shopper clothes to have style ?

What is the lame trend?

Lamé is a very special fabric that is made of metallic threads .

To put it simply, a lamé garment is a garment that shines! Not to be confused with sequined or sequined clothing!

In copper, gold or silver versions, lamé clothing was once reserved for evening wear but it is being worn more and more in daytime looks.

Besides, we love stealing our ideas on streetstyle looks of Fashion Week. And the least we can say is that this year, fashionistas around the world have adopted lamé to create ultra-stylish looks for us.

Because yes, the lamé trend has taken over the catwalks at Fashion Week and soon became popular.

We adopt it in accessories, on clothes but also on shoes. You couldn't have missed the golden ankle boots that everyone was tearing up at the start of the year.

Lamé is trendy! But be careful, unless you are a fan of the 80s or have a particular taste for avant-garde fashion, lamé must blend with our current looks with elegance so as not to look cheap .

7 bladed pieces to adopt urgently

Lamé dress

This is probably the most hype of the moment:the lamé dress .

How to choose it? Inspired by eighties with an asymmetrical, short sleeve, or shoulder pads or balloon sleeves. In short, to successfully wear a lamé dress , it is better to opt for an ultra-trendy dress cut to give it style.

An ultra chic version of the lamé dress is the kimono dress. Fluid and light, it gives a very elegant dressed/undressed effect, ideal for an evening outfit.

We also love it in a long, straight, flowing dress for a very "couture" spirit and once again an eighties touch classy.

Lamé midi skirt

This is one of the must-haves of the season. Impossible to go wrong with a lamé skirt . In a pleated midi skirt version, copper, gold or silver, it is quite simply at the heart of the trend.

The right look:pumps or ankle boots with an elegant blouse or a top with thin straps! In winter, we adopt the chunky oversized knit to give it a more relaxed and cocooning spirit.

Short lamé skirt

The short lamé skirt can be worn very well in a day outfit or in an evening look. The perfect cuts to adopt lamé:the skater skirt, the tulip skirt; the straight skirt, the trapeze skirt.

These pieces have become basics and are very easy to combine. With a white shirt, an oversized knit, a blouse, you will easily find something to show it off.

Lamé rain coat

The raincoat returns to the front of the stage with a somewhat revisited and much more extravagant version:the lamé effect. K-way , jacket, raincoat , parka, all those once shunned rain coats are becoming chic and glamorous accessories to dress in rainy weather!!!

Short lamé coat

As a cropped jacket, a perfecto or even an aviator jacket, lamé invites itself to all styles of clothing . And we love it!

Lamé pants

Much more difficult to integrate into your wardrobe, the lamé pants however, deserves to be underlined.

Reserved for fashionistas sharpeners that perfectly handle the codes of current fashion, the lamé pants leave no room for false notes.

Lamé fashion accessories

Another way to incorporate the lamé trend into your wardrobe:the lamé accessory. As a discreet touch or as a much more extravagant accessory, lamé brings an undeniable touch of modernity, while keeping thisretro spirit .

Take the case of bladed shoes ! The lamé ankle boot is now available in lamé in different colours, from flamboyant red to traditional gold. To tone down this type of trendy (and very showy) shoe, mix it with basic pieces with the right cut, such as mum jeans or slouchy jeans and a slightly oversized white shirt.

Not ready to wear lamé yet? Too showy for your taste? How about starting with the lamé belt? Wear an elegant black dress that you accessorize with a golden metallic belt and you will see that your outfit will immediately take another turn. A slightly sharper and more elaborate style!

There is also the possibility of opting for a pretty lamé leather handbag! The perfect accessory for a total black look or for a chic evening outfit.

In summary

  • The lamé trend is more present than ever this year.
  • We wear lamé on our clothes but also as accessories.
  • To have a successful look, choose a piece with a modern cut.
  • Lamé dresses are best worn as an evening look.
  • For a daytime look, we prefer the metallic skirt, the laminated rain coat or even the laminated pants.