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3 perfect looks to wear a fuchsia pink dress

Today I decided to tell you about a very colorful dress:the fuchsia pink dress . Vibrant and colourful, the fuchsia pink dress never goes unnoticed. Just like the yellow dress or the orange dress, it ensures a trendy and modern look as long as you accessorize correctly and choose the right cut.

Because if thefuchsia dress can be extremely chic and even very Fashion Week, do not be mistaken when wearing it. With such a color, elegance and style are in order.

Here are our experts' tips for wearing the fuchsia pink dress with taste .

How to wear fuchsia pink?

We have to admit, wearing a fuchsia pink dress is a choice that can be tricky. This lively color can be difficult to associate as it is so spectacular. And yet, fuchsia goes well with other colors!

So let's see what color to wear with fuchsia pink ?

  • Fuchsia pink will take on softness when paired with soft, pastel colors like pastel pink, light blue, lilac, parma, cream, nude, gray or white.
  • But it will also turn out even more punchy with very marked colors such as red, purple, blue, camel, green or even orange.

I grant you, you have to dare this type of association but if you succeed in the style exercise, you go directly into the professional fashionista box, who handles the art of combining colors to perfection!

How to accessorize the fuchsia pink dress?

Fuchsia pink is an ideal color for summer. It illuminates the complexion already tanned by the sun. But it is also an excellent choice in winter for evening wear. You can also choose to wear a fuchsia pink dress for a wedding .

Here is everything you need to know how to accessorize the fuchsia pink dress.

What color shoes with a fuchsia pink dress?

If you're looking for a safe bet, go with black, gray or nude.

On the other hand, if you want an ultra trendy and girly style , dare to wear colored shoes with your fuchsia pink dress, like red or coral or even purple shoes.

What clutch with a pink dress?

For the choice of the pocket, it is a bit like for the shoes. Either we go for another vitaminized color, or we remain cautious with a black clutch.

What make-up with a fuchsia pink dress?

With fuchsia pink, the important thing is to have a sufficiently lifted complexion . This color being bright and colorful, it can quickly make you look pale.

Foundation adapted to your skin tone and very discreet blush for daytime makeup or highlighter for evening makeup.

For evening makeup, it is possible to opt for the smoky eyes trend to create an intense and deep look with smoky make-up.

You can also choose the trendy option of the moment, geometric makeup with a dash of pink eyeliner or blue.

Finally, on the mouth side, if during the day we favor light and nude shades, in the evening we can dare red, burgundy or dark pink lipstick.

3 ultra fashion looks to wear a fuchsia pink dress

Retro chic fuchsia pink dress

The retro trend is omnipresent in our looks of the moment. And fuchsia pink is a perfect color for having fun creating a vintage look.

With polka dots, balloon sleeves, midi length or XXL volumes, the fuchsia dress is enhanced when its cut is not traditional .

We wear it with vintage accessories, without forgetting the obligatory modern touch like a pair of colorful Dad Shoes or a pair of trendy sneakers!

The chic fuchsia pink dress

For a chic evening or for a wedding guest outfit , you will be to die for with a fuchsia pink dress.

  • Long or midi cuts are best for a formal event.
  • In terms of material, opt for a fluid and supple garment with volume at the shoulders.

The fuchsia dress in winter

To adopt the fuchsia pink dress in the middle of winter and keep a chic and vibrant look, we choose once again an ultra modern cut with a retro chic spirit.

The baby doll dress is very trendy this season, but you can also choose a long flowing shirt dress or even a long dress that you will wear with a large oversized knit over your dress!

In summary:

  • The fuchsia pink dress can be scary as it is so colorful and punchy, but it is really very elegant when chosen in a trendy cut.
  • With the right cut, it becomes the dress that enhances your looks and gives you a very couture spirit.
  • I advise you to choose an ultra-trendy fuchsia pink dress with shoulder pads, puff sleeves, fluidity or lightness for style.
  • Above all, to upgrade this style of dress, don't hesitate to wear a colored accessory.