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How to wear the pink velvet pants?

Velvet and pink, all in the same outfit, is that too much for you? Don't be so sure! Pink velvet pants are THE sought-after pants this year! Yes, yes, it's true!

If the operation seems delicate and you can imagine that it will be difficult to wear, the pink velvet pants is actually quite easy to associate. Do you have to know its subtleties to adopt it without a fashion faux pas.

This little retro-inspired fashion gem is perfect for surfing the return of sixties and seventies trends. In addition to being stylish, it brings color to our looks with a touch of freshness. In the version of corduroy pink pants or fuchsia pink women's velvet pants, it is possible to adopt it in a more or less contrasting way.

Which pink velvet pants for women choose this year?With what clothes to wear pink corduroy pants ? We give you ideas for looks and fashion tips that work for sure.

Pink velvet pants:a deliciously retro choice that you have to dare

Not far from wanting to convince you, because it is indeed a piece that you have to love, the pink velvet pants are a must this year. Before scratching it off the map, dare to consider it anyway. No, wearing pink is not too girly. Finally, if it is a bit, but we are women and therefore rightly we can allow ourselves pink without complexes and prejudices!

Moreover, fashionistas know it, pink is an easy color to combine. Well mastered, it can be the basis of a skilfully worked and furiously trendy look. Just look at how coveted the fuchsia pink dress was this year. Declined in all sauces, it can be worn during the day and evening as well as for formal events. In short, pink is trendy. Combined with neutral colors or wild prints, it warms up or cools down according to the desires desired for your looks.

Another positive for the pink velvet pants is that they are made of velvet. And velvet is also at the heart of trends, especially corduroy!

Which women's pink velvet pants should you choose this year?

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So seventies in flare cut, ultra trendy in cropped cut with ankle boots, he is the hype pants from the moment. Only one essential rule to adopt it:CHOOSE IT HIGH WAIST !! After this criterion, you can find your perfect version of pink velvet pants by picking from the trendy cuts of the moment. The fashion darling of this winter is the flare cut pink corduroy pants. We love it for its retro style! Attention, it goes rather to the big ones. The little ones should rather go for pink velvet carrot pants or a cropped or 7/8th cut of pants. Finally, seasoned fashionistas will undoubtedly opt for the contemporary and retro version of the wide cropped pink velvet pants.

No matter what cut you have in mind, don't forget your body type. If you have big thighs or if you are complexed by your curves in the belly, the pink velvet pants are not the one for you. Indeed, it tends to attract the eye and emphasize the shapes.

In terms of colors, two versions clash. Fuchsia pink and its daring color or light pink, much softer and more romantic revisited in several similar shades such as aged pink, pink wood, apricot, peach etc. If you are not a master in the art and the material of wearing bright colors, perhaps you should start with its soft version in pastel or discreet colors.

How to wear the pink velvet pants?

Light pink velvet pants

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Romantic and retro in rosewood, soft and natural in pastel pink, the shades of light pink that sometimes tend to peach have it all. Carrot cut for an office look or wide trousers for a vintage look, we choose it according to its style of dress and its morphology. With what and what color to wear it?
  • White (white shirt, white blouse, basic white t-shirt);
  • Floral prints (blouse with flowers);
  • Khaki;
  • Bright red;
  • Burgundy;
  • A masculine or XXL tartan blazer (green and blue Scottish checks);
  • A checked shirt whose colors recall those of your pants;
  • Suede or leather shoes;
  • An elegant little handbag in midnight blue and suede
If your outfit is united, you can also allow yourself the accessory in leopard print. But be careful, only 1 accessory (shoes or earrings, or belt or bag). You will have noticed that we did not talk about black or gray. Indeed, even if these two colors can match your pink pants, they are a little too traditional (except for the gray checkered). As much as white brings a lot of elegance and purity, black and plain gray may give you an unoriginal outfit. Outside, with pink pants, there is really something to have fun and show originality.


Our fashion advice:opt for an aged pink ensemble. With a pink corduroy jacket and matching pink velvet suit pants, you will be to die for!

Fuchsia pink velvet pants

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Here, the bold color is a little more difficult to master and assume. So there is no question of being wrong. The streetstyle version fashion option or out of Fashion Week, it's the fuchsia pink pants worn with a pink top of a lighter shade. In other words, pink shades !Do you want an even more colorful look? Dare to wear a bright red suit jacket or a quality red sweater. With such flashy colours, it's impossible to wear pieces that could have the slightest defect.

In summary

  • Pink velvet pants are very trendy this year;
  • We wear it in very pronounced bright pink with white at the top and rather in a wide and flared cut or in old pink or peach pants (wide cut, carrot, flare), preferably in corduroy.
Cover photo credit from left to right @GabiMay @Maison123 @Elle