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How to wear the sailor dress?

What could be cooler and more summery than a pretty little sailor dress? A real invitation to stroll along a port during the holidays, the sailor dress nevertheless remains a trendy and essential outfit in our dressing rooms. Year after year, the marinière imposes itself on streetlooks as a timeless timeless.

And no ladies, the sailor dress is not reserved for walks on the beach at Deauville or for the pretty round bellies of pregnant women.

This dress, which can be worn from mid-season, is more of a casual dress but it is also very chic if you choose it well. There are city sailor dresses very elegant. The marinière owes its success to the fashion designer Coco Chanel which has made it a modern and chic feminine piece.

Not onlywearing a sailor dress is comfortable but it is also a very easy outfit to adopt and accessorize. Is the sailor dress suitable for all body types ? Which sailor dress to choose? What to wear with a sailor dress ?

The sailor dress, for which morphology?

The sailor dress is a striped dress that suits all silhouettes. It's a basic that works just as well in the city as it does on vacation.

To find the sailor dress adapted to your own body type, all you have to do is choose the appropriate cut and find the stripes that will suit you best.

The sailor top with horizontal stripes is perfect for petite women since they will give the impression of size.

For women with curves, it will be necessary to choose a large size sailor dress trapezoidal or flared or even straight. Take a look at our article on the clothes to wear according to your morphology to help you choose a suitable model.

How to wear the sailor dress?

The sailor dress for a wedding

If you have to go to a wedding, thechic sailor dress is appropriate.

Of course, we forget the classic and relaxed model of the marinière. We opt for a refined material and an elegant cut with a well-defined waist.

Choose a skater dress with a navy blue with wide stripes. For a sophisticated look, combine your chic sailor dress with a chic hat or a capeline. As for shoes, wear white or yellow pumps if you want a touch of color.

The city sailor dress

Don't think your sailor dress is just for your vacation outfits. It can also be worn in the city for a contemporary and casual look. As a long sailor dress for a trendy look or a short dress and heel for a dressy look.

The casual sailor dress

Perfect for a casual outfit, the sailor dress is the little dress you want to put on to go to the market. In summer, opt for cotton models with a straight cut or a T-shirt dress for the perfect casual style.

With or without sleeves, you will find a multitude of cheap sailor dresses in many stores such as Zara , Mango , H&M etc.

For a trendy look this summer, wear your sailor dress with wedge sandals to tie.

The sailor dress in winter

Do you want to brighten up your winter wardrobe? Why not opt ​​for a sailor dress in winter ?

There are long-sleeved sailor tops that are perfect for the cold season. For example, you can choose a fairly thick model with a round neckline and a skater cut. Pay attention to the choice of your tights with your sailor dress. Choose opaque or transparent tights but forget colored tights.

The maternity sailor dress

The sailor dress is the dress that almost every woman will wear at least once during her pregnancy. Perfect for showing off your curves, it's very comfortable to wear and its casual style appeals to pregnant women.

The mother/daughter sailor dress

Did you say "cliché"? Well yes, dressing like your daughter for a day is part of the joys of parenthood, although it makes you smile. What mother has never wanted to try this tandem with her dear and tender little doll? It's so cute and it makes a great keepsake to show her when she grows up.

To match the outfit, the sailor dress is perfect. There are models of girls sailor dresses very easily in many stores. It's a classic for little girls' wardrobes. All you have to do is find yours and you're done!

How to accessorize a sailor dress?

What jacket to wear with a sailor dress?

If there is a light coat that will go perfectly with a blue and white sailor , it’s the beige trench coat!

For a contemporary look and to break up the straight look of your striped dress, opt for an oversized trench model. This will immediately give style to your outfit.

The denim jacket is also a very nice combination with the stripes of the sailor dress.

For a dressier look, especially if you have chosen to wear a white and black sailor , do not hesitate to take out your perfecto to bring a rock touch.

What shoes with a sailor dress?

The best option for a casual style is to wear a pair of sneakers with your sailor dress.

For your summer marinières, treat yourself and play with different styles. You can combine your dress with flat or wedge espadrilles or sandals.

What jewelry with a sailor dress?

Choose a unique jewel that will stand out well on your sailor dress rather than combining several jewels. Creoles, a golden necklace or a pretty cuff bracelet.

You can even dare the color (preferably gold or yellow) or an elegant breastplate to enhance your outfit.

What accessories with a sailor dress?

Stripes being already a central element of your outfit, we advise you not to wear too many accessories with your sailor dress . You can opt for a camel belt to emphasize the waist or choose to wear a pretty wicker handbag for the summer.

What varnish with a sailor dress?

To be looked right down to your fingertips, you can match your sailor dress to your nail polish . If your stripes are blue, you can opt for a blue of the same shade or slightly darker. Royal blue is perfect to enhance your outfit.

Red also goes very well with the marinière. A beautiful bright red nail polish is therefore an excellent choice.

In summary:

The sailor dress can be worn as a chic outfit as well as for a wedding. Here are some tips for choosing the right sailor dress :

  • If you have curves, opt for a dress with fine spaced stripes.
  • For a casual look, opt for a sailor dress shirt or T-shirt with sneakers.
  • For a city look, opt for a buttoned or straight-cut sailor dress.
  • For a wedding, choose a refined dress in navy blue stripes with a fitted skater-style waist.
  • In winter, you can wear a sailor dress with black tights and ankle boots.
  • Watch out for accessories, bet on golden or yellow jewelry.