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How to wear an empire waist dress?

If there is a dress that seduces many women for its princess dress aspect, it is the empire dress . This extremely flattering dress cut for most silhouettes has the advantage of being elegant but it can also be worn in casual mode.

Do you have the build to wear an empire dress? How to wear the empire waist dress with elegance, whether you are heading to a wedding, a fancy party or the beach?

What is an empire dress?

The empire dress has a very figure-flattering shape. This is the quintessential prom dress. Its top is tightened just under the chest then it widens to the feet in a fluid and ample way depending on the model.

It is often very long and gathered, but there are also short and slightly more flared models.

A bit of history…

The empire dress is a real princess dress e. Born in 1795 under the 1st Empire and the reign of Napoleon, it was the Emperor's wife, Joséphine Bonaparte, who launched the fashion for this romantic style dress during her sacrament. At the time, it was a real break between the style of already existing dresses which until then had all large voluminous petticoats.

The empire dress:for whom?

What morphology for the empire dress?

Theempire waist dress suitable for most body shapes except for women with very large breasts.

  • If you're petite, opt for a cropped empire waist style instead worn with high heels to elongate your figure. You can also choose a long model with a nice neckline to draw attention to your upper body. Since the waist of the empire dress is already very high, it will make you look taller than with another style of dress having the waist at the belly.
  • If you're tall, wear it with flats instead.

The empire dress for round people

If you have curves, the empire dress is perfect because it lengthens the silhouette with elegance and hides the hips, thighs and stomach. Rather, it emphasizes the upper body. It is an essential fashion piece to dress when you are a curvy woman.

The empire dress for pregnant women

The empire dress is suitable even for pregnant women who are looking for dressy outfits. Perfect to leave room for a round belly by highlighting the chest and upper body. She has a majestic side. Moreover, you will even find some in the classic department that will suit you perfectly without having to go to the maternity department!

How old to wear an empire dress?

An empire dress can be worn at any age. Thanks to its fluidity, the empire dress does not mold the curves at the level of the waist and the thighs and it especially highlights the upper body. If you want to hide your arms, there are even models with long sleeves.

How to wear an empire waist dress?

The empire waist dress to go to a wedding

The empire waist dress is the perfect outfit for a wedding guest outfit or for a bridesmaid outfit.

It is suitable for a chic wedding as well as for a wedding with a bohemian spirit. It gives a romantic and chic look in all circumstances.

For a wedding, choose an elegant model with a refined material such as chiffon, tulle or satin. Instead, bet on pastel and solid colors such as a powder pink, a pretty lilac or a very pale yellow dress.

You will find empire waist dresses with very pretty necklines depending on the shape of your chest, from the bustier to the draped neckline to the collar adorned with jewels.

Are you getting married soon? Why not try an empire waist wedding dress ? Their cut is very elegant and romantic.


For a casual style

You thought this type of dress was reserved for chic events? Think again, the empire dress can also be worn in casual mode .

To give it a casual look, opt for a short empire dress with a twisted neckline. There are models of empire dresses for winter with long sleeves.

In summer, opt for a long, flowing empire dress with summery prints like flowers. Decorated with a pretty wicker basket and sandals, you will have a casual look perfect for sunny days.


For a romantic style

As ​​we have seen, these robes are imbued with draped robes worn by Greco-Romans. Outfits that inspire femininity and even a little divine and very romantic side. Moreover, they are long and loose dresses that are often adorned with pretty jewelry or beautiful embroidery.

They can even give it arock chic look , by accessorizing it with a perfecto or more casual with a denim jacket.


In summary:

  • The empire dress is suitable for all body types except very large breasts.
  • There is no age limit for wearing an empire waist dress.
  • This is the perfect dress for curvy women.
  • If you're pregnant, you'll look stunning in an empire waist dress.
  • This style of dress is perfect for a wedding outfit or a chic evening.
  • You can also wear it casually by choosing a dress with prints and wearing flats.
  • It is also the ideal dress for the bohemian chic style or for a bohemian chic wedding.