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Aymeline Valade:the top model with an androgynous style

Muse of the great fashion houses, Aymeline Valade is a supermodel with a style sometimes described as atypical with her androgynous silhouette and looks.

A public figure recognized for his discreet beauty and outspokenness. The model Aymeline Valade has seduced the French and designers around the world with a sophisticated look that goes beyond fashion standards.

We love the supermodel star French because she fully embodies the modern woman:free, daring and feminine.

Discover the life of Aymeline Valade and the favorite looks she wears off the catwalk.

The fabulous destiny of Aymeline Valade

It is a dream destiny that awaits little Aymeline Valade , born in 1984, in Montpellier.

15-year-old Aymeline is spotted in the middle of the street by the modeling sector as she skateboards through the streets of Nice. Then more interested in journalism and communication, she continued her studies in her chosen sector before embarking on modeling in 2009.

She will very quickly become a star of the catwalks and she will chain the haute couture shows for the greatest designers, from Dior, Chanel, Dolce &Gabbana, Kenzo. She will also do many magazine covers. Become a star among the tops, the Aymeline Valade Instagram account has no less than 54,000 subscribers.

In terms of personality, the top asserts itself with a strong character and does not hesitate to say things. As she says herself "I'd rather shock than annoy!" ". She is rather happy withdrawn from social events and likes to cultivate her thoughts by reading.

She will also make her debut on the small screen in television series such as Sous le soleil and Riviera then in The Return , a film dedicated to the life of Coco Chanel. It was in 2014 that the career of the beautiful takes on another dimension by entering the cinema. She will play Betty Cartroux, the muse of Yves Saint Laurent in the film Yves Saint Laurent .

The currently pregnant top of 34 hasn't finished surprising us!

Aymeline Valade's looks

Aymeline Valade plays very easily with a subtle mix of feminine and masculine looks . She handles this art to perfection.

We love her androgynous look which contrasts completely with her polar blond hair. The model likes to balance her androgynous style with lots of jewelry, necklaces, earrings and rings. For her, jewelry is a second skin, she never goes out without it.

The matching costume

Women's suit set is one of the key pieces of the androgynous look of Aymeline Valade.

To play with this trend, the actress and model adopted the suit style with feminine/masculine pieces such as a round-neck T-shirt, a button-up shirt 'top or derbies or moccasins.

For her chic outfits, she often opts for the matching suit trend with pumps.

The total plain look

We often see the "it-girl" with minimalist outfits with a total plain black or cream look. This style is very elegant. If you like the minimalist style for women, opt for neutral tones such as gray, black or beige and choose strong and timeless pieces.

Prioritize quality over quantity. Sober but neat looks!

The 7/8 pants

A must have for casual/casual looks, the 7/8th pants is one of the flagship pieces of the beautiful Aymeline. She wears it very often associated with flat shoes. It's the advantage of being tall! You don't have to opt for heels to look slim and slender.

This pant cut that shows off the ankles lends an incredibly modern style to any outfit. From chic to sportswear, 7/8 pants dress up any look with elegance and femininity.


A fan of chinos and the relaxed style they give, Aymeline Valade offers us trendy streetstyle looks with a perfect mix of must-have pieces and modern pieces.

Chinos and oversized sweaters, chinos and refined blouses, all the looks she wears are easy to reproduce and combine elegance and simplicity.

The retro style

The retro clothing style also suits her perfectly. Colors and vintage pieces for looks with an outdated but neat look.

To adopt a perfect retro look, the model elegantly mixes key vintage pieces like the flared pants or the pleated skirt with ultra-modern and contemporary pieces.

The casual style

Most of the time, Aymeline Valade's outfits are particularly relaxed, halfway between sportswear or streetwear looks. She wears a lot of casual pieces like jeans, knit sweaters or cotton shirts.

To stay chic in her casual styles, the model always opts for very contemporary quality pieces.