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How to wear the kimono in a city version and with style

Straight from Asia, the kimono has slowly but surely become a fashion must-have, seen on almost all fashionistas. Trendy, yes, but sometimes a little intimidating for those who do not (yet) feel like a fashion influencer. However, the kimono can be combined rather easily with our favorite basics, and can enhance all slightly classic looks. Here are some tips and ideas for pairings for wearing the city version kimono , and always in style.

What is called "kimono" in the fashion-sphere?

Originally, the kimono is a traditional Japanese garment, usually made of silk and worn on special occasions. It traditionally has a T-cut, goes down to the ankles and is worn crossed on the front, with the left side covering the right side. The whole thing is held in place by a fairly wide belt, which is called "Obi ". So much for the traditional kimono , but, as you can imagine, it is not exactly the one that interests us. In its fashion version, the kimono is available in different lengths and its T-cut can be changed to a straight cut or even slightly fitted at the waist, with less ample sleeves. As a result, the ready-to-wear kimono is more like silk or satin pajama jackets, worn over a babydoll or a sleepwear set , and this is also the trend of homewear in town who returned the kimono also popular. To sum up, therefore, all the small, soft jackets, most often in silk or satin, cut straight and worn open can fall into the category of city kimonos .

Which kimono to choose?

You will understand, the kimono fashion comes in different lengths and a plethora of color and pattern options are available. We give you some tips for choosing yours.

How long for a city kimono?

On this point, it all depends on your size. You have to choose a length proportional to your size:we wear long when we are tall, short when we are short, and everyone can afford the mid-length kimono . The chosen length is also a matter of style:the short and mid-length versions of the kimono are more easily worn than the traditional length. We let you see what suits you, and we remind you that nothing prevents you from having several kimonos !

Patterns and colors:what do we choose?

Concerning the patterns and colors of your kimono , it is above all a question of taste and personal style. Lovers of the casual-chic look will opt for a plain, easy-to-match kimono , while the most streetwear types will bet on the XXL floral pattern Japanese kimono, super trendy right now. However, we recommend that you stick to fairly classic things, and avoid completely improbable patterns or colors, the kimono is already a strong piece , no need to overdo it elsewhere.

What to wear the kimono with for…

Here are some ideas for urban and always chic looks with a kimono .

Go to desktop?

Get ready to put away your eternal blazer as soon as you've tasted the comfort and chic of a beautiful kimono ! You'll love pairing it with nice cigarette pants and a little white blouse, or even wearing it with your favorite dress. We advise you, for the office, to opt for a short or mid-length kimono , preferably plain and, above all, very good quality! For an ultra-trendy look, wear your kimono over a lingerie-inspired satin tank top, with a pair of low-heeled mules.

Going out at night?

For an evening on the town, put on a mid-length or short kimono with a floral pattern on a pretty slip dress and put on your finest pumps. Do not hesitate to choose a fringed kimono to add a touch of originality to your look, you will be perfect! You can even wear the kimono robe!

Walking on weekends?

What's great about the kimono , apart from the fact that it is very pretty and super stylish, is that it can be worn both in an office look and with a casual weekend outfit. Try yours with simple mom jeans, a white t-shirt and a pair of sneakers, and enjoy a comfy and very stylish outfit for a walk, brunch or even a shopping trip. In winter, swap your white top for a turtleneck sweater and your sneakers for a pair of flat ankle boots.

Party or formal occasion?

Want to try the kimono for a chic and glamorous look ? Well mastered, it's a look that will make you shine, that's for sure, but be careful not to do anything. Our advice:bet on a patterned kimono , tailored version with palazzo pants. Put on a pair of nude or black pumps depending on the color of your look and keep a light hand on the make-up. Another option, choose a long kimono and wear it as an evening dress, with an XXL belt and a pair of heeled sandals. Bold, yet incredibly stylish.