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How to wear a denim dress with style?

The denim dress is one of the essential pieces of the female wardrobe. Timeless and timeless, the denim dress has not aged a bit and reinvents itself over the collections with increasingly feminine cuts.

To wear a denim dress in style , you just have to have the eye and learn to associate the right pieces with the right colors.

From the casual look to the chic look, there are many different cuts of dress. The cuts are endless and it's easy to create your own style.

How to wear a bodycon denim dress or how to accessorize a denim dress oversized? Check out our complete denim dress guide.

What to wear with a denim dress?

Denim is king of casual looks . With their casual look, the jeans are perfect for a casual style.

However, there are many ways to wear the denim dress in style .

What jacket to wear with a denim dress?

Contrary to popular belief, many jackets will easily match your denim dress.

Choose the cut of your dress according to your style of dress.

  • For a rock look, you can opt for a perfecto.
  • For a casual look, turn to knits by layering elegantly.

A slightly oversized colored cardigan can add a real plus to your outfit.

What vest with a denim dress?

The knit vests go very well with the denim dress. But be careful to choose the right length! Your vest should neither be too long nor too short.

What shoes to wear with a denim dress?

Summer is easy! We put on a pair of sneakers or spartan type sandals or espadrilles and voila. Pretty camel wedges will go perfectly well for a more polished look with light jeans. In summer, we also fall for the clog shoe trend and its retro style.

In winter, we opt for boots! Version boots, ankle boots, heeled boots, waders.

How to accessorize a denim dress?

If you find your look with your denim dress is too casual, you can add a chic touch to it very easily with accessories. A beautiful leather belt, an elegant hat, a scarf etc.

Think about patterns to bring a touch of freshness. Floral prints go very well with denim. Leopard is also very interesting if used sparingly.

This must come to sublimate your look and be in line with the style of clothing you have chosen.

  • If you wear a denim dress like a light shirt dress in the summer, accessorize it with a pretty, chic wicker basket.
  • If your outfit is already sophisticated, opt for a leather handbag.

What belt with a denim dress?

Smooth leather belts go particularly well with jeans. Dare copper, burgundy or camel tones to change from the traditional black. Wear your belt at waist level to feminize your outfit.

How to make a denim dress chic?

The denim dress is a key piece of the neo-bourgeois look . Does this surprise you? We explain!

To gentrify this outfit, which is more likened to the casual style, we choose very raw jeans. The dress must be structured with a lady-style cut emphasizing the waist. You should therefore choose a dress with an A-line or skater cut that stops below the knees.

To add the sought-after touch of chic, just belt your dress with a leather belt and wear high boots. You can even try the nicely tied scarf on your neck or the felt hat to look even more sophisticated!

How to wear a denim dress in winter?

Here's a fashion piece that's hard to wear in winter. And yet, if you have the eye, wear a denim dress in winter can turn out to be ultra-trendy.

To achieve a successful look, here are some tips:

  • The winter trend :we opt for a mid-length cut (the right length is just below the knees or mid-calves). As for the cut, we prefer a trapeze dress or a skater dress for a chic look or straight for a casual look.
  • Feel free to accessorize your dress with a belt or a hat
  • The golden rule with the denim dress in winter:wear ankle boots for a rock look or boots for a chic neo-bourgeois look
  • Be careful not to mix too many different colors (example:a single print on the shoes)
  • If you opt for patterned tights, choose neutral shoes in a rather dark color (black or gray)
  • Raw or light denim? Although it is easier to wear a denim dress raw in winter, you can also create pretty looks with a light denim dress but be sure to choose a certain length and associate it with must-haves like a perfecto.

What color tights with a denim dress?

You can definitely wear tights with a denim dress . With the cuts of mid-length dresses, we will rather go with neutral tights:black, without patterns and opaque. Depending on your outfit, you can choose more or less light-coloured tights.

If you have chosen a short tight denim dress, you can allow yourself more freedom in your tights and choose some with patterns (always in black of course ).

In summary:

The denim dress can be worn both in summer and in winter! It is casual but well accessorized it can also give a very chic style! Opt for a perfecto or a chunky knit cardigan to give style to your outfit.

Here are some trendy dress cuts to choose your denim dress :

  • The skater dress
  • The shirt dress
  • Oversized T-shirt style dress
  • A-line dress

In winter, who says denim dress, says boots or ankle boots. Suede or velvet for a sophisticated touch!

Don't hesitate to accessorize your outfit with a smooth colored belt or wear a felt hat!